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Daily Schedule: Insider Information!

From Early Bird Swim to Fireside Chat… Read all about a day in the life of an Appel Farmer!

7:30 AM – Early Birds

If the sun is up, you can be up! Early risers may want to shower in the morning — your bunk will come up with a shower schedule on the first day of camp. You may also want to read, go for a jog, go to Early Bird Swim, or hang out with some other “Early Birds” at a picnic table. If you are not an “Early Bird”, your Bunk Counselors will help you wake up in time to get ready for breakfast.

8:30 AM – Breakfast

It only takes a couple minutes to walk from your Bunk Area to the Dining Hall. Wait outside with your friends until the announcer calls everyone inside. Sit wherever you want! Once we have a moment of silence, the announcer will call your table to go up to the buffet. This will be the same for Lunch and Dinner.

9:00 AM – Bunk Clean Up

Head back to your bunk to clean up. Your bunk will come up with a chore chart on the first day of camp to help everyone pitch in to keep the bunk spick and span!

9:30 AM – Major I

Choose a major in Music, Theater, Dance, Visual Arts, Photography, Video, Creative Writing, Sports, or Swim. Choose something you love to do and want to focus your attention on — majors are six days a week and end with a performance or exhibition.

10:45 AM – Break

This is a short break so you have time to switch to your second Major.

11:00 AM – Major II

Choose another major! Just like Major I, you will be able to present your work from this class at the end of your session.

12:15 PM – Break

Stop back at your bunk and check in with your friends before lunch, or just relax.

12:30 PM – Lunch

After everyone is served, we will make announcements. Listen for information about your majors and minors, free choice activities, the evening activity, etc…

1:00 PM – Rest Hour

This is a quiet time in your bunk to sleep, rest, or do other silent activities like reading or writing letters to your family.

2:15 PM – Minor I

Minors are different every summer and focus on specific topics in Music, Theater, Dance, Visual Arts, Video, Creative Writing and Sports and Swim. Minor I meets after Rest Hour for one hour and 15 minutes, six days a week!

3:30 PM – Break & Snack

Grab a quick snack (cookies and fruit) in front of the Dining Hall or in the Pavilion on your way to Minor II.

3:45 PM – Minor II

Choose another great activity that you would like to learn more about! Minor II also meets for one hour and 15 minutes, six days a week!

5:00 PM – Free Choice

Relax and have fun! Try a new project at Afternoon Art, go swimming, play tennis or basketball, or hang out with your friends. Listen to announcements at Lunch for the sports activity and workshops being offered that day.

6:30 PM – Dinner

This is a great time to catch up with friends and Counselors about your day! Chat about your majors and minors over dinner, and make fun plans for tomorrow.

7:30 PM – Evening Activity

Evening Activities are a time when the entire camp comes together just to have fun! They are different every night and include activities like Scavenger Hunts, Carnivals, Bunk Activities, Performances, and Workshops.

8:30 PM – Late Night Fun Time & Snack

Join your friends for a snack in the Dining Hall, hang out at your Bunk Area, or go to Actor’s Studio.

End of Day – Fireside Chat & Lights Out

Every night, you’ll sit in a circle with your bunkmates and talk about your day during Fireside Chat. Get a good night’s sleep — and rest up for another great day at camp!