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Concerts: Friday Night, Staff and Camper-Counselor

Concerts: Friday Night, Staff and Camper-Counselor

What do you get when you gather 350 of the world’s most creative and talented people together for a summer at Appel Farm…the BEST concerts!  Read on to check out YouTube clips of some of these amazing shows!

During camp, everyone has the opportunity to perform several times each session for our camp community. Besides the formal performances and exhibitions we have at the end of each session, where we invite all of the camper’s families, we have four main other types of serious performance venues: Friday Night Concerts, Camper Counselor Concerts, Staff Concerts, and Acoustic Campfires. Campers are all jamming during free-time and this year, we’ll be offering regular Late-Night fun-time Open Mic Nights too!

Friday Night Concerts

These concerts happen every Friday Night, go figure. These shows are a long-standing 54-year tradition here at the Farm and are four our campers to showcase their talents and work from their classes. Not just for our performers, visual artists and photographers can hang their work, videographers can play their films and creative writers read their works too!  Campers sign up during the week, meet with our tech crew and then perform! Listen out for the lunchtime announcement to know when to sign-up.  Because there are so many campers wanting to perform, we do require campers to be well rehearsed. Check out some clips below from a couple Friday Night Concerts.

Here is a clip of Brett Loewenstern, our American Idol finalist, singing:

Here is one of our Rock Bands performing ‘What a wonderful man’ by My Morning Jacket and ‘Just what I needed’ by the Cars.

Check out Josh Posner, long-time veteran camper, playing the piano:

Camper Counselor Concerts

These concerts allow campers and staff to join together to create performances or art! Check out some staff and campers coming together! You can even check out their “FRESH” warm-up before they rock your mind with percussion! THIS IS SO COOL!

Staff Concerts

All of our staff members are artists in real-life, so they too bring a lot of talent to camp, which we highlight twice each session in our Staff Concerts!

Acoustic Campfires

At Appel Farm, we put a special twist on campfires songs. Of course, we love singing things like ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’, but then we also love jamming as a camp to Rhiana, Beyonce, Van Morrison, and New Direction.  Our campfire nights start with some fun repeat after my songs, and then quickly turn to an unplugged acoustic version of our Friday Night Concerts. A little less formal than standing onstage, campers can perform in around with their friends, then we, of course, have some s’mores!

Share your favorite concert memory or idea for a performance below in the comments! Look forward to another amazing summer of camper and staff performances! You are going to be amazed!