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Come one, come all, to the Appel Farm Carnival!

Come one, come all, to the Appel Farm Carnival!

One of the many fun traditions at Apple Farm is our Carnival. You might be thinking, “What’s the big deal? I’ve been to lots of carnivals or fairs.” NOT LIKE THIS ONE YOU HAVEN’T!

The Sunday of the second week of camp is always a crazy and busy day. Our two week campers are sayinbg goodbye to friends and heading home. Our four, six, and eight week campers are planning how to spend their visisting day with families, and our one week campers are checking in to camp for their first day. Whether kids are sad about the friends who have left; are tired from a day out with their families; or are nervous about starting camp and making new friends, emotions run high this night and the Carnival is the perfect place for campers to cut loose, get silly, and have FUN!

Our special events committee and couselors work hard to create a Carnival like no other- literally. Instead of traditional games like ring toss or balloon darts, our campers get the chance to “Adopt  a Camper or Counselor”, play “Trash Can Pillow Fight,” or “Stick your Hand in Gross Stuff!” These are just of few of the zany activies our staff come up with to entertain and engage our campers.

So if you’re are feeling tired or bored, let the silliness of Appel Farm’s Carnival inspire you to create your own crazy carnival at home! Maybe you can play “Put the sticker on Dad” or let your three year old sister preform “Makeovers” on all your friends. 

So put an Appel Farm twist on your weekend and see what fun ideas you and your friends can come up with!