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College Road Trip!

Our Counselors in Training had the opportunity to take a trip around the tri-state area on a college search!

Our first stop on the trip was to Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Muhlenberg College is a four-year, private liberal arts college in a small city that hosts a little under 2,400 students. Our CITs had the chance to explore the theater, some classrooms, the dining hall, a dorm room, and many other aspects of college life on a guided tour. 

After a quick lunch at the local diner, we were off to Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, a medium-sized, four-year, public school in rural Pennsylvania. There, the CITs had the opportunity to see the art and music buildings as well as a freshman dorm room and the scenic landscaping and architecture of the campus.

After the tours on day one, the CITs had the chance to relax at the hotel for a bit before heading out to grab a bite to eat. After dinner, the CITs grabbed their popcorn, stocked up on some candy, and headed out to see Toy Story 4 in theaters! 

The next day, our CITs trekked on down to Delaware to visit the University of Delaware in Newark. UDel is a large, four-year, public university that hosts 19,117 students, making it the largest school we visited on the trip! After the tour, the CITs had some time left to spare to explore Main Street and grab some lunch at some of the local restaurants.

University of Pennsylvania, a medium-sized, private university, was our last stop of the trip. Unfortunately, our trip got a bit rained out, but our CITs had the opportunity to meet a former camper who is now in charge of the PennAbroad program, which allows students to study abroad in a vast array of many exciting places around the globe!

Our CITs and counselors had a blast learning about so many awesome schools, but we sure are glad to be back at Appel Farm!