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Classes and Staff Concert!

Hello parents!  Today the kids are still testing out classes and changing around.  Those who have already chosen their classes are getting down to business.  Rock Bands were brainstorming band names, photo classes are out shooting, and theater is getting assigned to plays.  “What is Art?” had a busy day putting on two performances, the first one they did involved walking in a single file line around the dining hall.  In the second piece two students tied themselves together and walked into other class spaces. The kiddos are very excited about getting to work.  Check out class photos which are up on CampInTouch.

Tonight is the night that campers will get to see for the first time what their counselors can do!  It’s the Staff Concert!  Some staff members will be putting on performances involving either what they teach or an alternative skill that they have. We are very excited to perform for the campers!

Last night the kiddos had a lot of fun dressing up with their bunk to save Saucy Sam in the Scavenger Hunt!  The photos can now be viewed on CampInTouch!