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Classes, Pool Parties, & Workshops, Oh My!

It’s another hot day at Appel Farm, but we’re still going strong! As our campers stay hydrated and slather on the sunscreen, they’re still having a blast here at camp.

What’s one of the best ways to beat the heat? A pool party, of course! Yesterday, our Northies had the chance to cool off in our pool and party it up with their bunks. All the campers grabbed their goggles and their pool noodles and dove in head first to catch some relief from the sun.

While our campers from North splashed around in the pool, our older campers had the opportunity to dig more in-depth to their fields and explore new things through department workshops. In addition to the majors and minors the campers have selected, they also have the opportunity to experience other fields and areas through workshops and open hours throughout their time here at camp. 

With the first week almost complete, camp is definitely in full swing. Tonight, we have our first Friday Night Concert, and we are so excited to see what our campers have prepared for us! There are tons of amazing pictures from yesterday’s activities and much more to come, so please be sure to check out our gallery to see more! (Code: AF19)