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Classes, Dance, and Two Week Showcase Info!

Hello parents!  The kids are in class today preparing for the Two Week Showcase!  They are putting the final touches on their projects and performances.  Dance and Canterbury Tales completed their techs today!  The visual artists and photo students are busily writing their artist statements and matting their work.  They are so excited for you all to come tomorrow and see what they have been working on!  You can see the schedule for the Showcase again below along with some info on Check In/Out and Visiting day.

This session we have a super cool blogging minor called Writing for Online.  The kids in this class have been posting blogs on their site Kids With Chromebooks and they would like to share it with you before the showcase.  They would really love it if you would take a look!  Click the title to read!

All the animals have escaped from the Appel Farm Zoo!  The kiddos will be helping the zookeepers wrangle them back in at the dance tonight because the theme is escape the zoo!  They will be receiving face paint so they can transform themselves into animals.  They can also choose to be zookeepers or they can just dress up.  It’s going to be a great time!

The photos from beach day and today’s classes are uploading now on CampInTouch.  Unfortunately yesterday beach day was cut short due to the weather.  At Appel Farm we put safety before everything else so we wanted to be back at camp before the storm hit Avalon.  If the photo album seems light then I apologize, it was because of the unexpected storm.

Two Week Showcase:

Part I:

3:45    Horseback Riding Show @ Beauty & the Beast

4:15    Music Concert @ Theater

5:30    Visual Art & Photography Show @ Art Gallery

6:30    DINNER @ Dining Hall (for families with campers in both Part I & II only)

Part II:

7:15    Art + Technology Show @ Theater

Sports & Swim Video Feature @ Theater

7:40 Theater Show: Canterbury Tales @ Theater

8:20 Dance Show @ Theater