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Classes and Camper Counselor Concert!

The kiddos are working hard in classes today.  The two week showcase is rapidly approaching and you can really see the work coming together.  Drawings are starting to look complete, prints are being matted, and dances are almost completely choreographed.

Tonight is the Camper Counselor Concert!  The kids get to choose their favorite counselor to do a performance with!  They will be singing songs, performing dances, doing skits, and whatever else they come up with. It is so cool to see the art the kids make their counselors a part of.  

The photos of the West Philadelphia Orchestra are now up on CampInTouch.  The campers are still raving today about their performance.  They had a wonderful time!  Make sure to look at the photos, you may even be able to find your camper in the crowd!  Have a great evening!