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Classes, Blueberries, and Activities!

Today campers settled into classes because the time to switch is over.  The kiddos are confident in their classes, and we can not wait to see how much they learn.  It has been exciting to see campers learning how to play a C chord on a guitar, getting that dance step right, starting rehearsals for their plays, and much more!  

Speaking of fun things campers have been learning, we were honored to have Broadway and TV start Gabrielle Ruiz working with campers in our Broadway Master classes on Monday and Tuesday!  Check out the video below from Tuesday’s classes below 🙂 


At lunch today the campers got to choose their table names- one of our best camp traditions.  It is so much fun to pick a name that is funny or difficult for the announcer says like, “Seashells, seashells by the sea shore.”

The North bunk area went blueberry picking this afternoon, and picked over 25 lbs. of fresh blueberries, which we will be enjoying on the salad bar for many days to come!

Tonight the kiddos bonded with their bunk during bunk activities.  Each bunk did a different activity; check back tomorrow for photos of these fun events! For now login to CampInTouch to see photos from our first Staff Concert and classes from today.