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Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

Spring colors are bold and beautiful, much like the masterpieces that Katharina Grosse creates.

Her colorfully crafted landscape installations make me believe that if any artist could ‘paint with all the colors of the wind’ – it would be her.

Katharina Grosse Image

This german born artist explores how contemporary painting functions in a three dimensional field.
She not only paints on the walls while creating an installation, but brings in large styrofoam sculptures, soil, and other elements that come together to create a psychedelic landscape.

Katharine Grosse One Floor More Highly

Grosse Father Daughter

Katharina’s installations are encompassing and thought provoking, but what is equally as beautiful is hearing this artist speak about her work and watching her organic process of painting.

Her work inspires me to go play outside, use my imagination, and create freely.


Check out these awesome Art21 videos about her, a BOMB interview with her,  and click here to check out her website!

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