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Camp Reunion!

Camp Reunion!

Hi friends! It’s me, Saucy Sam! I loved spending the summer with all of you but I’ve been so lonely at camp ever since everyone left in August. I miss each and every one of you so I want to invite everyone, past and present campers and staff, to come visit me at camp on…

November 5th for a big Camp Reunion!

We can eat lunch made by Chef Ralph in the Dining Hall, go to workshops together, lounge in the Adirondack chairs, have a snack at a green picnic table or under the photogra-tree and just have some downtime to catch up. We can even perform in a Camper/Counselor Concert together! Oh, how I miss watching concerts in our theater and singing our Appel Farm Song!

I also made sure it’s easy for my friends from West Orange and New York to come so I set up a bus that you could take to visit me!

If you want more information or you want to register, click here. You can also call any of my friends in the office at 856-358-2472.

I hope to see everyone soon!

Saucy Sam, signing off.

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