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Camper Application Policies

Questions about Cancellations and Refunds?

We know that our families are double-checking Appel Farm’s policies on cancellations and refunds. Please refer to the information here, and as always, feel free to reach out to us to find the answers you need. 


Campers registering for Camp 2022 must remit a non-refundable deposit of $900 with the camp application; with the balance payable in equal installments on March 1st and May 1st, 2022. Registrations received after May 1st must be paid in full within 30 days of registration or by the first day of your child’s camp session, whichever is first. 

Campers will be admitted to camp only after tuition is paid in full. Payment plans are available upon request.

Cancellation Policy

  • Families may cancel camp enrollment and request a full refund minus any non-refundable deposits paid up to and including 90 days prior to your camper’s check-in day. 
  • At 60 days, families may request a 75% refund minus the non-refundable deposit. 
  • At 30 days, families may request a 50% refund minus the non-refundable deposit. 
  • At any time, you may also opt into donating your tuition paid up to the date of your cancellation to the Appel Farm Campership Fund.
  • If a child must go home after the start of their session due to illness, including COVID, families are entitled to a pro-rated tuition refund based on the length of stay.


  1. Possession or use of alcohol, any illegal drug, cigarettes, cigars, or other tobacco products is prohibited.
  2. Physical violence or the threat of physical violence is prohibited.
  3. Abusive or intimidating language or mistreatment of any kind is prohibited.
  4. Sexual activity and excessive displays of affection are prohibited.
  5. Theft, borrowing without permission, or destruction of property, including graffiti, is prohibited, and families will be held fiscally responsible for any damages.
  6. Medications, including over-the-counter medicines and vitamins, must be kept in the infirmary. Inhalers, epi-pens, and other life-sustaining medicines may be kept in the bunk with the Camp Nurses’ permission. Only the Camp Nurses and Camp Physician may administer medications at camp.
  7. Cell phones and other cellular devices regardless its activation status; televisions, computers, and VHS/DVD players; pets; skateboards, bicycles, and rollerblades; food; money, ATM Cards, credit cards, and valuables that are not necessary at camp; weapons including swiss army knives, and any item that is hazardous or flammable are prohibited.
  8. Campers are prohibited from entering any bunk or living space other than their own.
  9. Attendance at meals, majors, minors, evening activities, performances, and off-camp trips is mandatory.
  10. Leaving camp property except as part of an official camp trip, leaving designated supervised areas on the camp property without staff supervision, or crossing the road in front of camp without staff supervision is prohibited.
  11. Campers agree to arrive on Check-In Day, attend the entire camp session including closing ceremonies, and leave on Check-Out Day. Families agree not to take campers out of camp except on Visiting Day.
  12. Campers must wear shoes while outside on the camp property and while in the Dining Hall.
  13. Excluding what the camp provides, food, candy, gum, and drinks other than water are not permitted on camp.
  14. Use of radios, cd players, or MP3 players without headphones, is permitted only if it is not disturbing another member of the community.
  15. Campers are never permitted to cut, dye, or otherwise change the appearance of another camper’s hair. Campers are never permitted to cut, dye or otherwise change the appearance of their own hair without permission from their parent/guardian. Campers may not pierce their ears, nor any other part of their body, nor any part of any other camper’s body.


Sibling Discount: If one child in your family registers for camp, additional children are eligible for a $100 discount off your tuition.

Referral Discount: To thank you for telling your friends about Appel Farm, we will extend a discount of $100 to you for each camper you refer to Appel Farm who attends camp in 2019. If you refer 5 families who register, we will double your discount to $1,000! All discounts will be applied to your final invoice. If for any reason, the referred camper does not actually attend Camp the discount will become void.

Dismissal from Camp: Please note that the violation of any camp rule or policy may result in dismissal from camp at the discretion of the Camp Directors. Anyone who violates one of the first six camp rules will likely be dismissed from camp. If a camper is dismissed as the result of a rule or policy infraction or unmanageable behavior, the camper must be picked up by a parent/guardian with legal custody of an adult with written, signed permission, and within 24 hours following notification of the infraction or behavior. Camper tuition will not be refunded. If illness or injury that prohibits the camper from participation in the camp program, as determined by the Camp Physician, requires dismissal from camp, parents must pick their camper up within 24 hours following notification of the illness or injury, and 50% of the tuition, pro-rated for the period remaining, will be refunded. Refunds will not be offered to campers who withdraw from camp due to homesickness, or for any other reason.

Change in Camp Schedule: In the event, the camp is unable to open or is forced to begin late or close early due to circumstances beyond the Camp’s control, including but not limited to weather, floods, utility failures, inaccessibility, governmental order, pandemic, or other such reason, Camp shall hold the discretion to refund partial tuition (or a proportionate share thereof in the event of a partial shutdown), minus any non-recoverable expenses and administrative costs spent in the performance of this agreement.



  • Have read the Camper Application Policies, Camp Rules, and Camp Policies.
  • Understand that many camp activities including technical theater, ceramics, sculpture, photography, swimming, and off-camp trips inherently carry risk, and grants permission for the camper described to participate in all camp activities and off-camp trips.
  • Grant permission for my child to participate in all activities outside of camp (field trips, off-site specialized activities, etc.). I further authorize the camp to sign any waivers and/or permission forms necessary for my child to participate in these activities.
  • Authorize Appel Farm to have and use video, audio recording, or images of the camper described, or of the camper’s performances, artwork, literary work, or letters to Appel Farm, as may be needed for its records, public relations, or promotional materials. I further authorize that any such video, audio recording, or images of the camper described, or of the camper’s performances, artwork, literary work, or letters to Appel Farm may be published and used by Appel Farm and the American Camp Association® and its agents, to illustrate and promote the camp experience, Appel Farm and its camp programs, or the American Camp Association.
  • Give permission to the physician selected by the camp to order x-rays, routine tests, and treatment related to the health of the camper described for both routine health care and in emergency situations. If the parent/guardian cannot be reached in an emergency, he or she gives permission to the physician to hospitalize, secure proper treatment, and order injections, anesthesia, or surgery for the camper.