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Saucy Sam

Saucy Sam

Saucy Sam Fan Page

Saucy Sam lived in the apple tree outside North this summer, and loved listening to all of you campers and counselors laughing and having fun! Since you left, she has been feeling lonely and camp sick, and just wants to see your faces again! She knows you are spread out all over the world, and she is excited to go to all of your favorite places!

Saucy Sam is on her way to visit lots of Appel Farm friends, and if she arrives at your house, you can help turn her camp sickness into happiness! Take her to one of your favorite places, an event nearby, or introduce her to your friends and family. Snap a photo of the two of you while you’re there, and submit it to Appel Farm Arts Camp. Then, send her on her next adventure!

Submit Your Photo

She wants to see as many Appel Farmers as possible, so make sure you submit your photo and send Saucy Sam on her way within two weeks!

Saucy Sam Directions:

  1. Take Saucy Sam on an adventure, and snap a photo of the two of you.

  2. Submit your photo to Appel Farm.

    Click here to submit your photo, and tell us where Saucy Sam is headed next!

  3. Mail Saucy Sam, along with her directories, to another Appel Farm friend.

  4. Read all about Saucy Sam’s adventures! Check this page every couple weeks!

Saucy Sam listened to music, taught me some new moves, and crushed it.

Zamira Frost -- New York, NY March, 2016

Saucy Sam spent a cold weekend hanging out at home with us. We made a fire in the fireplace, roasted marshmallows, and snuggled up watching movies. It was cozy!

Rex Borgenicht -- Montclair, NJ February 2016

Saucy Sam and I enjoyed sitting in front of my fish tank, which was covered in fruit, with my cat flying in a basket, and hanging with my other friends, a large pine cone, and a sheep!

Kayla Kern -- Ridgewood, NJ May, 2014

Saucy Sam came to visit Rosie and me, and we all celebrated Rosie’s three month birthday! Sam and Rosie had a blast hanging out together, and I’m sure Rosie will remember trying to chew Sam’s ears off!

Audrey Gao -- Ridgewood, NJ May, 2014

Saucy Sam came just in time to hang out with my new puppy, Sadie. She and Sadie became fast friends, and they promised to keep in touch once Saucy Sam moves on to her next camper.

Havi Rojer -- Maplewood, NJ April, 2014

Saucy Sam didn’t have time to come with me to my local ice rink, but that’s where I spend most of my time. Here’s a picture of me doing a jump, and Saucy Sam is there in spirit.

Nomi Kligler -- Woodstock, NY March, 2014

The winter has always been my favorite time of year. I wanted to get a picture of me and Saucy Sam in a place that I absolutely love, so I waited for it to snow. I had the BEST TIME! We went out to the reservation with my dog, Homer, and we danced around in our winter wonderland.

Kate Ciolkowski-Winters -- Maplewood, NJ January, 2014

Saucy Sam was thrilled when we took a trip to Washington, D.C. We walked all over Capitol Hill, through the Holocaust Museum, and all the way to the Lincoln Memorial. She saw the White House and many other amazing monuments during our trip. Enjoy your next journey, Saucy Sam!

Sophia Rubin -- Washington, D.C. January, 2014

Zero degrees and the windchill was more like negative twenty here in Pennsylvania! Saucy and I are keeping warm by the fire in comfy PJs.

Clarissa Rubin -- New Hope, PA January, 2014

Saucy Sam was excited to get a back stage pass to dress rehearsal for the Nutcracker at the Scottish Rite Theater in Collingswood, NJ. Some of my favorite music from the Nutcracker Suite is the Chinese Dance, for which I am dressed to perform in this photo. Listen to the Chinese Dance here. Have fun on your next adventure, Saucy

Emma Kelly -- Mullica Hill, NJ December, 2013

Saucy Sam had a wild first adventure! Getting super lonely, she finally climbed down from her tree and found me in the Camp Office. To cheer her up, I suggested we spent that day together at Appel Farm! We had some fun climbing on a top bunk in South, getting up on stage in the Theater, and of course hiding in the apple trees outside North. She asked to take a swim in Lake Inferior, but I didn’t feel that was smart idea. Maybe the Bunny Trail next time she’s here… Can’t wait to hear about her next adventure!

Rachel Chadwin -- Appel Farm Arts Camp in Elmer, NJ November, 2013