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Appel Core

Appel Core

The Appel Core is the official newsletter of Appel Farm Arts Camp! Our Appel Core is sent out to our current and returning campers, and posted to our website for campers, staff, and alumni. Look for the newest Appel Core in October, January, April, and June! During the summer, our Appel Farm creative writers will take over the Appel Core.

So Super Close!!!!

We’ve all been looking forward to camp since last August, so it’s almost hard to believe it’s right around the corner! Our Leadership Team arrives in 6 days, Staff arrive in 9 days, and we welcome our Session 1 campers in only 16 days!!! Camp 2019 is so super close, and we can not wait!

In no time at all, we will be performing in Friday Night Concerts, playing Magic at green picnic tables, and doing all the creative things possible at Appel Farm! We will bring warmth and energy to the world, each of us tapping into the unique light in ourselves,
shining bright!

In the meantime, this issue is packed with exciting updates, stories, memories from last summer, and some new things to look forward to for Camp 2019! Read a very special message from our dear Sarv, heed some great advice from our Featured Alum, and before you know it, you will be back at Appel Farm for  Camp 2019!

Appel Farm for Life! Shine Bright!

Appel Core Alerts

We publish the Appel Core in October, January, April, and June. If you want to read it as soon as it’s published, friend us on Facebook! We will post each new issue on Facebook as soon as it goes online! Keep up to date with all things Camp by liking us on Facebook!