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Current Staff Area

Current Staff Area

Welcome to the appel farm family!

For over 55 years, summers at Appel Farm have fed the imaginations of thousands of young people as they have developed talents, interacted with artists from around the world and made friendships that last a lifetime. This summer, you will play a vital role in forming the unique community of extraordinary artists, caring staff and experienced professionals that develops at Appel Farm each year, and we are eagerly awaiting your arrival.

As you prepare for camp, we are sure you will have questions about what your summer at Appel Farm holds in store. Rest assured that when you arrive at camp for Staff Week, you will spend nearly a week of orientation settling into a new home and getting to know the artists and educators with whom you will be spending the summer. You will also learn about the history and philosophy of Appel Farm, and participate in workshops that will provide you with the resources you will need to assume the unique role of an Appel Farm staff member. 

Staff Handbook, Forms, & More

Login to your CampInTouch account using the button above, or the link provided in your “Preparing for Camp” email, to access required pre-camp forms, the Staff Handbook, the packing list, and many important pre-camp resources like teaching and counseling guides.

All staff are required to read through the Staff Handbook and resources, and complete a pre-camp quiz by June 10, 2022. The link to access the quiz was also in your “Preparing for Camp” email.