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International Campers

International Campers

Appel Farm welcomes campers from all over the world!

Does my child need to speak English to attend Appel Farm?

Your camper will need to speak English, but he or she does not have to speak it perfectly to have a successful experience. Being immersed in our English-speaking environment will help your camper refine his or her English skills, and our campers and staff are always willing and excited to help if a camper is having a problem understanding.

How will my child travel to camp?

Please make plans for your camper’s flight to arrive at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) on Check-In Day between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM Eastern. For the return trip, please make plans for the flight to depart Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) on Check-Out Day between 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM Eastern.  If you cannot find flights within these parameters, please contact the Camp Directors before booking your flights, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Please forward a copy of your camper’s full itinerary, including the return flight. In order to ensure an efficient return, please be sure to include your confirmation code so we can check your camper in online before heading out to the airport. If possible, also include a digital photo of your camper to help our staff recognize your camper.

Campers traveling to camp by themselves may want to bring a cell phone and charger in order to keep in touch with you and the camp during their trip. If your camper is bringing a cell phone, please program the camp phone number (800) 394-8478 in their phone, and send your camper’s cell phone number to camp along with his or her itinerary. We will collect the cell phone and charger once we arrive at camp, keep it in the camp safe, and then make sure it is charged for the return trip.

An Appel Farm staff member will meet your camper inside the baggage claim area for his or her flight. He or she will be wearing an Appel Farm T-Shirt and will be holding a sign with your camper’s name and the Appel Farm logo. If your child is flying as an “unaccompanied minor”, please let us know so our staff member can try to obtain a pass to meet your camper at the gate. Please note that this is not always possible, in which case our counselor will meet your camper inside the baggage claim area for his or her flight.

How will my camper communicate with our family while at camp?

Because international mail can be slow, we will scan and e-mail your camper’s letters instead of sending them in the mail.  Also, as noted above, international campers will call their families upon arrival at camp.

Click here for more information about communication at Appel Farm.

Will my camper get to visit local attractions or take off-camp trips?

Yes, your camper will visit local attractions and area beaches on Beach Day and Trip Day, and may also participate in Department Trips and Outreach to enhance his or her classes.

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