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Performance Week & Showcases

At the end of each session, campers share what they have learned in their Majors with the camp community and their families through a series of culminating events & performances.

Each summer, campers perform in over 10 plays and musicals, 8 concerts and rock shows, 4 dance recitals, 4 exhibitions of campers’ work in visual arts and photography, 4 Art + Technology showcases,  and 4 Sports & Swim features, and 2 CIT showcases.

All of the exhibitions and performances at Appel Farm are exciting opportunities for artistic and personal growth in front of a caring and supportive audience.


Friday Night Concerts

Friday Night Concerts, a long-standing tradition at Appel Farm, feature a dynamic camper-driven program of exhibitions and performances that are a highlight of each week. Many acts evolve based on what campers have been working on in their classes, or with their friends during free time.

Shows can include a dance piece choreographed by a dance student, a Shakespearean monologue, a comedy routine, an original poetry reading, a singer/songwriter performance or a visual arts slideshow, and the show often ends with a vigorous performance by a rock band! Plus, we host a visual art & photography exhibition in the Theater Lobby.

These concerts are for the camp community, but we tape them so campers can share their performances with families at home.