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Camp Life

Camp Life

A True Camp Experience – the fun never stops

Free Choice

While campers appreciate their free time, many campers opt to attend one of the activities listed below during Free Choice, scheduled every afternoon from 5:15-6:15 PM. Free Choice allows campers to relax or try new things.

Afternoon Art

The Visual Arts Department offers an arts activity every afternoon during Free Choice. Campers may paint, sew a guitar strap, tie-dye a T-shirt, string a beaded necklace, or throw a bowl while relaxing in the Art Barn out of the hot sun!

Free Swim

The pool is open for Free Swim every day during Free Choice.

Sports Activities

The Sports & Swim Department offers sporting activities every afternoon during Free Choice. Campers may join in a non-competitive group game like soccer, ultimate frisbee, or touch football, play some tennis, or join a yoga or aerobics class.

Workshops allow campers to try new activities


Campers will also have Workshops to choose from each afternoon.

Workshops are scheduled during Free Choice, as an Evening Activity, and on Lazy Sundays, in one or two-hour periods. They provide our campers with a way to complement the focused study of their majors and minors, to explore new art forms, discover new perspectives, get some fresh air and exercise, and have loads of fun!

Workshops allow campers to try new activities

Many of our campers have a difficult time narrowing their interests down to choose their majors and minors, so workshops in our core programs offer a way for them to dabble. Other campers may be inspired to try new art forms outside of our programming, and others will be interested in workshops that are educational, athletic, or plain old fun.

Past workshops have included The History of Rock Music, Screen Printing, Papermaking, Capoeira, Haiku, Cooking and Baking, Jazz Improv, Rocket Making, Building a Campfire, World Events, Debating, Basic Spanish, Polaroid Transfer, and Video Animation.

Evening Activity

After dinner each evening, the entire camp gets together for about an hour.

We bond in small groups during Bunk Activities, enjoy Staff Concerts and performances by Guest Artists, relax at Campfires and on Movie Nights, expand your world at the World Fair, dine in style at the Dinner Dance, visit the Psyku Booth at the Carnival and continue a long-standing tradition with Friday Night Concerts!

Performances, campfires and special events make the evening activities a special time for all campers

Friday Night Concerts

Friday Night Concerts are a long-standing Appel Farm tradition. At the end of our first and third weeks of camp, campers have the opportunity to share their talents with the rest of the camp community at the Friday Night Concert. Performing artists might sing, dance, perform a monologue or skit, or play their instrument, other campers may screen a video or read a poem, and visual artists and photographers will be able to display their work as well. These events are also an opportunity for our alumni to visit, enjoy performances, and connect with current campers & staff.

Off-Site Trips

Trips to local museums, area attractions and the beach offer variety and fun

Campers enjoy an afternoon off on Beach Day when campers and staff relax and swim at the beach in Avalon, NJ, just an hour drive from camp. They may also take a trip into town to go shopping or tackle the popular Shipwreck Sundae!

During the third week of each session, our campers will set off on an all-day adventure to enjoy some of the best of New Jersey. Each bunk area will go somewhere different so campers will be able to experience different features of the community right outside of Appel Farm. Campers may also go on a great field trip tailored to their one of their majors.

Click here for more information about Beach Day, Trip Day and Department Trips.

Community In-Reach

Community In-Reach programs allow campers to share their love of the arts with others

In-Reach programs offer a very special opportunity for sharing a wealth of talent with children and adults in the region who often have very little access to the arts. Campers and staff organize programs ranging from concerts, skits, and dance performances to hands-on arts workshops for young and old. In working with people who rarely have opportunities to engage in arts activities, our campers become teachers and gain new insights into the impact of the arts on other people’s lives. In-Reach programs are held onsite for a variety of Appel Farm’s year-round social service partners including but not limited to assisted living residents, special needs campers, teenage group home residents, and senior centers, giving invaluable opportunities to perform and work with audiences of diverse backgrounds and needs. Many campers discover that arts In-Reach programs are one of their most meaningful experiences of the summer.

Click here for more information on our Community In-Reach Program.

Counselor in Training Leadership Program

The Counselor In Training Leadership Program allows 4 or 8-week campers ages 16 and 17, or campers going into the 11th or 12th grade, to develop leadership experience, give back to the community, and learn basic counseling and teaching skills. CITs are still campers. Like other campers, CITs will live in a bunk, participate in majors, minors and camp events, but will also assume additional responsibilities, and earn a few special privileges and benefits.

Click here for more information about the CIT program.