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Green Corps

Green Corps

Become an organic gardener, learn about composting, or track the turtles in Lake Inferior!

  • Participate in environmental activism expressed through the arts!
  • Engage in organic gardening and composting, camp conservation, and ecology
  • Learn about environmental art
  • Catch frogs, log tree species, and track birds
  • Experience Appel Farm’s beautiful natural resources with walks across campus

Green Corps is a fun and exciting way to engage with the world around you and learn new ways to interact with nature.

Green Corps Explorers, combines the best of Green Corps (nature, gardening, bugs, and activism), creative and personal journaling, and multi-media!

Green Corp is our most popular past minor!

Because it’s in such high demand, this class is offered during Major II, Minor I, AND Minor II. So, get out there and expand those horizons!

Major Class

  • Green Corps

Examples of Past Minor Classes

  • Green Corps, Art for Social Change