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Camp Activities

Camp Activities

The Camp Activities that make up sessions at Appel Farm start with the Majors and Minors each camper chooses, four classes a day, six days a week, for each session!

Beyond the amazing classes, campers will enjoy free-choice, evening, and workshop activities. Click to learn more about our Program Structure and Camp Life!


Pick up an instrument, warm up your vocal chords, and prepare to join the musical storm — music is always happening at appel farm!

  • Private lessons, studio classes, ensembles and varied performance opportunities
  • Programs and ensembles in Classical, Jazz, Rock, Pop Music and more
  • Training in Composition, Conducting, Music Appreciation, History, Theory and Musicianship
  • A variety of indoor and outdoor performance and private practice facilities

Click here to learn more about Music!

Theatre Performance

Play a character, learn essential acting skills, or explore the world of musical theater!

  • Train in acting and performing theatre
  • Showcase your skills in a meaningful role – no auditions!
  • Try out a range of themes, including musicals, comedies, dramas, classics, and world premieres!
  • Actively engage skills in musical theatre, improv, solo performance, physical and
  • psychological character development, and directing with studio sessions!

Click here to learn more about Theatre Performance!

Technical Theatre

Bring your designs to life onstage. Build sets, call cues, and more!

  • Learn the fundamentals of scenery, lighting, sound, costumes, and props design.
  • Put your organizational and problem-solving skills to the test as a stage manager!
  • Attend production meetings, collaborate with directors, and work with fellow designers.
  • Operate power tools, sewing machines, light boards — the possibilities are endless!

Click here to learn more about Technical Theatre!


Music, story, rhythm — dance! If you want to move, come learn more about the magic, discipline, and sheer physical energy of dance.

  • Serious dance training in a state of the art studio
  • Emphasis on technique, choreography, and strength training
  • Differentiated instruction to meet the needs of beginner through advanced dancers
  • Process-centered classes balanced with a variety of ensemble performance opportunities

Click here to learn more about Dance!

Color Guard Intensive

Appel farm arts camp is excited to announce the addition of a new program to our fine and performing arts camp: Color Guard!

This summer, middle and high school students with a passion for color guard will train with highly qualified, award-winning color guard staff at Appel Farm! Expert training for up to six hours a day, plus exploring dance, music, visual arts, and more, this summer opportunity is one of a kind!

Click here to learn more about the Color Guard Intensive!

Visual Arts

Throw a pot, paint a mural, or sculpt your wildest dreams! Possibilities are endless when you let your imagination take the lead.

  • Campers learn to use a variety of artistic tools including pottery wheels, welding and glass torches, printing press, and more.
  • Individual and Collaborative projects with an emphasis on process learning
  • Electric, Gas, and Unique Noborigama Wood-fired Kilns
  • Informal Class Critiques, Art History, and Appreciation
  • Families Invited to a Formal Gallery Show Each Session
  • Spacious new art building houses large, open studios and gallery

Click here to learn more about Visual Arts!


Develop your own photos, explore alternative processes, and make your ideas come to life in the world of photography.

  • 35mm Black and White Film Photography with SLR manual cameras
  • Fully-Equipped Darkrooms for Developing and Printing
  • Develop technical skills including composition, aperture, and alternative processes
  • Exhibit work in a formal gallery show each session

Click here to learn more about Photography

Art + Technology

Direct a zombie movie, animate a cartoon, and tell a story through the art of video! Experience every aspect of film production.

  • Learn the art of producing, screenwriting, directing, filming, and editing
  • Gain experience using professional digital video equipment and Final Cut Pro editing suites
  • Complete collaborative projects with an emphasis on process-based learning
  • Record original music with a band, design sound effects for a play, create a soundtrack for a video, or create your own podcast.
  • Practice collaboration, critical thinking, and communication in a creative way!

    Click here to learn more about Art + Technology!

Creative Writing

Write a short story, report on the latest news, perform in a poetry slam!

  • Explore structure, voice, and characterization in any style of writing you choose such as poetry, creative non-fiction, and short–story writing
  • Create & publish summer issues of the Appel Core newsletter in journalism

Click here to learn more about Creative Writing!

Sports & Swim

Learn to swim, score a goal, serve a ball, practice the sun salutation — stretch!

  • Safe, well-supervised, and non-competitive programs
  • Instruction in skill, technique, and teamwork
  • Swim, Tennis, Team Sports, Yoga, and more!

Click here to learn more about Sports & Swim!

Horseback Riding

Appel farm is partnering with lighted way equestrian center to offer horseback riding lessons to campers!

  • Campers travel 12 minutes away to Lighted Way Equestrian Center along with an experienced riding instructor from Appel Farm.
  • Campers attend two-hour classes, Monday through Friday during both minors.
  • Instruction offered for beginning through advanced campers.
  • Families are invited for a performance at the end of each session.

Click here to learn more about Horseback Riding!

Green Corps

Become an organic gardener, learn about composting, or track the turtles in lake inferior!

  • Participate in environmental activism expressed through the arts!
  • Engage in organic gardening and composting, camp conservation, and ecology
  • Learn about environmental art
  • Catch frogs, log tree species, and track birds
  • Experience Appel Farm’s beautiful natural resources with walks across campus

Click here to learn more about Green Corps!

Majors & Minors

Campers choose two Majors from our core program areas, and two Minors, which change every year!
Classes are Monday-Saturday, with alternate programming on Sundays.

Major I

  • Acting Class
  • Theatrical Design & Construction (Set, Lighting, Sound)
  • Beginning Piano
  • Recording Arts
  • String Ensemble* (Violin, Viola, Cello)
  • Wind & Woodwind Ensemble* (Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe)
  • Brass Ensemble* (Trumpet, Trombone)
  • Rock Vocal Ensemble
  • Rockestra* (Electric Guitar, Electric Bass)
  • Acoustic Guitar Ensemble
  • Percussion Ensemble*
  • Ballet
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Sculpture
  • Ceramics
  • Fiber Arts & Crafts
  • Green Corps
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Creative Writing
  • Tennis
  • Group Games

Major II

  • Theater Production (Acting Class Major I Required)
  • Stage Crew & Construction (Set, Lighting, Sound)
  • Costume Design
  • Chorus
  • Intermediate/Advanced Piano
  • Elmer Pops Orchestra/Jazz Band/Concert Band* (Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, Trumpet, Trombone)
  • Rock Band* (Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Rock Vocals)
  • Modern & Jazz Dance
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Sculpture
  • Ceramics
  • Multimedia Art & Printmaking
  • LEGO® Robotics and Design
  • Photography
  • Independent Study Photography (Photography Major I Required)
  • Video
  • Journalism
  • Instructional Swim
  • Team Sports

Examples of Past Minors

Beginning Guitar Class, Rock Band, Elmer Pops, Chorus, Piano, Experimental Music, Improvisation and Comedic Acting, Musical Theater, Stage Combat, Set Design & Construction, Stage Management, Choreography, Dance for Musical Theater, Tap, Folk Dance, Murals, Color Theory, Landscape Painting, Story Art, Printmaking, Green Corps, Mosaics, Experimental Photography, Rocktography, Music Videos, Acting for the Camera, Memoir Writing, Playwriting, Journalism, Instructional Swim, Tennis, Group Games and Horseback Riding.