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Program Structure

Program Structure

Our unique arts and learning program consists of a five-period day with a choice of two Majors, two Minors, and a Free Choice period. Daily Free Choice options allow campers to explore other areas of the arts, take a dip in the pool, get in additional rehearsal time, or spend extra time with their friends. Majors and Minors meet in modern air-conditioned facilities for 75 minutes, Monday through Saturday, for the entire session. Our instructors emphasize the creative process, hands-on learning, and collaboration during these classes. In addition, all campers can perform and exhibit in our Friday Night Concerts, Acoustic Campfires, and Open Mic Nights. Campers enrolled in our four- and three-week sessions work towards performances and exhibitions for their families to enjoy.

Sundays are a time for campers to take a break from their routine to try new things, relax, and create their schedule of varied workshops held throughout the day.



Majors are offered every summer in core program areas: Theatre Performance, Technical Theatre, Music, Art + Technology, Dance, Visual Arts, Photography, Video, Creative Writing, and Sports & Swim.


At the end of our four-week and three-week sessions, our classes culminate in performances and exhibitions. Campers choose their Majors before camp begins and choices are guaranteed, but they still have the option of changing their mind during the first few days of camp. 




Minors vary every summer and reflect the unique strengths of current staff. Campers can explore a unique art form, learn a new instrument, or study a specific area in-depth, without the pressure of preparing for a performance. Each department offers several minors, giving campers plenty of choice and variety in their daily schedule!