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Camp Trips

Appel Farm Arts Camp at Adventure Aquarium on Trip Day

Campers at Appel Farm go on a few trips each summer! Read about trips to Mood’s Farm, WheatonArts, Buccaneer Ice Cream Parlour, Adventure Aquarium, and more!

Blueberry Picking

During the first week of camp, our Counselors In Training pair up with their friends in South to pick blueberries at Mood’s Farm, right in our neck of the woods. It’s a quick trip during Afternoon Free Choice, with lots of sunshine, fresh air, new friends, and loads and loads of blueberries! Head Counselor, Sarv, gathers all the blueberries for a baking workshop a couple days later, and campers help make the best blueberry muffins ever!

Department Trips

Field trips enhance the curricula for many of our core programs, and most campers will take an off-camp trip as part of one of their majors during the first week of camp. Performance opportunities for music majors at a local pocket park, master classes at a professional theater company, ballroom dance lessons, special exhibitions at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, glassblowing demonstrations at WheatonArts, filmmaking workshops at Drexel University and photography shoots at Eastern State Penitentiary have been popular in the past.

Beach Day

Beach Day offers campers an afternoon of sunshine and fun with friends at the beach. During the second week of camp, we skip minors and head to Avalon, NJ, where campers and staff can swim and play at the beach, hang out at the arcade on the boardwalk, or walk into town for a little shopping.

Campers love the Shipwreck Sundae at Buccaneer Ice Cream parlour. Twelve scoops of ice cream, 15 toppings, hot fudge, caramel, whipped cream and a cherry all served in a pirate hat, but don’t worry, it takes a whole bunk to finish this treat!

Trip Day

Trip Day, during the third week of camp, is a time for each Bunk Area to go a recreational trip or adventure! This summer, we are going on some great trips!

  • Get ready for the most exciting underwater experience you can have without growing gills! South campers will visit Adventure Aquarium on the Camden Waterfont in Camden, NJ.
  • Cooler by a Mile… North campers will chill out and relax at the beach in Avalon, NJ, where campers can swim and play at the beach, hang out at the arcade on the boardwalk, or walk into town for a little shopping.
  • Coop campers will spend the day relaxing on the Lazy River or challenging each other to extreme races on the Big Wave Racer at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Jackson, NJ.
  • Go Big! Go Six Flags! Hill campers will go big at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ.