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Camp: Learning for Life

Every day you’re shuffling between classes; taking notes; doing homework. Math midterms, spelling tests, and book reports are ruling your life. The summer light at the end of this school year tunnel is no where in sight.

You might be wondering if all that stuff you’re learning in school right now will help you in life? Well, you will use most of it, and of course you need an education to do anything productive in this world, but reading, writing and math will only take you so far.  Where do you learn all of the important life lessons like…

How to believe in yourself even though you’re weird, or how to try something new…

How to make a new friend and how to handle an argument with friend you thought you’d always have…

How to know who you really are and how to be okay with how everyone else is around you…

These are the lessons learned at CAMP.

School is about academic intelligence, while experiences at camp will teach you emotional intelligence. You need both to make it in this world.

Camp gives kids the opportunity to test themselves outside of home, so kids can know they ARE capable; they CAN connect with other kids; they CAN solve problems and collaborate.

At Appel Farm every summer, I am lucky to see so many of our campers and staff learning these life lessons, not to mention other fun things like how to make s’mores, play Magic, eat a Shipwreck, capture a greased watermelon, and how to sing every word of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Thinking Thursdays’ blogs will continue to help us grow through the school year until we can all be back at camp.  So, keep working hard at school (that is your number one priority!) but check back each Thursday for more info on things like dealing with mean girls, developing your own superhero powers, and how to easily make new friends to get your dose of learning for life!

Until next Thursday, share with us what lessons have you learned at camp. Comment below and share the knowledge!

More information about the power of learning at camp can be found in this month’s issue of Camping magazine. Check it out HERE, to give your parents yet another reason to keep sending you back!