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Camp Dances

From Cha-Cha Slide to Bohemian Rhapsody, Appel Farm dances are always fun!

This summer campers and counselors dressed up like three blind mice for our Once Upon A Time dance, secret agents for our 007 dance, their favorite internet memes for our #Appel Farm4Life dance, and Greek Gods for our Gods and Goddesses dance. Our dance costumes are always so creative, since we learn the theme and then have to create our costumes so quickly from the things we all managed to pack and bring to camp! Good thing Appel Farm is filled with creative people!


Our dances include a fun themed Dance, and another fancier themed Dinner Dance each session. Before the dance part of the Dinner Dance, your counselors wear costumes and act as greeters, the maître d’, servers, and musicians, and they wait on you hand and foot. One particularly hard working and willing server is rumored to have cut a PB&J into little hearts for his table, but no promise that most of your servers will go that far!


This summer we whipped, and we nae nae’d, but we also did the macarena, cotton-eyed joe, and cha-cha slide because those fad dances aren’t fading any time soon! We definitely caught some campers learning and loving the fad dances, and others who were more interested in free-styling, and others who just like spinning and twirling with their besties.


Our DJs collect songs from campers all week, and create the best playlists ever. Some songs were so 2015, like Shut Up + Dance, and others will always be so Appel Farm, like 99 Luftballons. And you know it’s almost lights out, when you hear, “Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?” Then, it’s time to get in a big circle, and sway, and sing your heart out, and jump up and down, and thank Queen for writing the longest song ever! Because after Bohemian Rhapsody, we go to sleep…