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Camp 2015 Second Session Performance Week

4-Week and 8-Week Camper Families, You’re Invited to Second Session Performance Week! 

The performance schedule, attached below, has a list of all the campers and when they will be performing. Also, your campers and Bunk Counselors will be in touch with an update about your camper and to confirm their performances via a fun postcard that was in the mail to you earlier this week! We’re excited to see you for these amazing performances!

While we invite families to attend major performances, there is no pressure to attend, and in fact, most families are not able to attend. All major performances are taped by our Documentarian, and DVD copies will be available for purchase in the fall. We will e-mail you an order form in mid-October, and your DVDs will be delivered by the end of December — just in time to watch them as a family over the winter holidays!

Parents and families should understand that campers will be involved in mandatory camp activities before and after each show, and should plan to arrive at camp no more than 15 minutes before the scheduled performance. After the show, families may meet and talk with their campers briefly outside the performance space before the next camp activity.
Families may not visit their campers’ bunks or take campers off camp before or after performances.

Performances do not mark the end of the session — campers are not permitted to leave until Check-Out Day. Families who are visiting for performances near the end of camp should make plans accordingly, and may consider staying overnight at one of the local hotels listed on our website.

Performance Week Second Session Camp 2015

Monday, August 17

5:15 PM in the Theater
  • David and Lisa
7:30 PM at the Grove Stage
  • Rock Concert

Tuesday, August 18

5:00 PM at Beauty & the Beast
  • Horseback Riding Show
7:30 PM in the Theater
  • The Me Nobody Knows

Wednesday, August 19

2:45 PM in the Dining Hall
  • God, Man, and Devil
5:30 PM in the Theater
  • Music Concert 1
7:30 PM in the Theater
  • Music Concert 2

Thursday, August 20

2:15 PM in the Theater
  • Video Show
  • Sports & Swim Video
3:30 PM in Art Gallery, Conf. 3
  • Visual Arts Show
  • Photography Show
5:15 PM in the Theater
  • As You Wish
7:30 PM in the Theater
  • MALFUNCTION: Dance Show featuring Spoken Word Poets

Campers Performing

David and Lisa (Cast: Grace Barrett, Sydne’Marie Chesson, Phoebe Grupper, Dylan Kelly, Mila Kisch, Emma Shear, and Ella Spanhook; Crew: Nina Schatell, Ashlee Cressman, Bariah Salim, and Max Cohen)

Rock Concert (Performers: Kennedy Anderson, Rex Borgenicht, Stephen Browne, Giavanina Cataldi, Amanda Day, Molly Dente, Manuel Divino, Michael Dominguez, Jeff Elliott, Eve Gibson, Virginia Glynn, Shayla Hutchinson, Isabella Lancenese, Claire Leitgeb, Gabriel Lincoln, Danielle McLaughlin, Cassidy Nelson, Grant Pavol, Harper Prenovost, Rafiq Salim, Olivia Siegel, Lotanna Umezinwa, and Sophie Wasyliw)

Horseback Riding Show (Riders: Zoe Benson and Dakota Chestnut)

The Me Nobody Knows (Cast: Briana DiNardi, Claudia Kimmel, Jahnae Lemons, Harold Maradiaga, Rebecca Kern, Dixie O’Connell, Emily Orlich, Jillian Roche; Band: Amanda Day, Manuel Divino, and Michael Dominguez; Crew: Daniela Gonzalez, Jordan Barron, Rafiq Salim, and Nisly Baez)

God, Man, and Devil (Cast: Felipe Baez, Sydney Borislow, Anna Higer-Paris, Kayla Kern, Hope Napier, and Havi Rojer; Crew: Hannah Jackowski, Chloe Tevere, Jordan Barron, Isabel Walder, and Zoe Hammel)

Music Concert 1 (Performers: James Alvarez, Enyonam Amemasor, Brianly Baez, Hailey Baez, Nisly Baez, Logan Cartwright, Ayden Cassano, Giavanina Cataldi, Max Cohen, Ashlee Cressman, Isabel Duncan-Huffman, Jeff Elliott, Bella Etkin, Kevin Feimster, Phoebe Grupper, Calina Hall, Owen Holland, Shayla Hutchinson, Meg Jackowski, Hugh Keenan, Arianne McDonald, Nija McLorin, Carolina Morrow, Emily Morton, Michael Murden, Cassidy Nelson, Sayvion Suggs; Crew: Kate Apostolacus, Jordan Barron, Ashlee Cressman, Chloe Tevere, Isabel Walder, and Isabella Lancenese)

Music Concert 2 (Performers: Jiovanni Alvarez*, Barron Jordan*, Stephen Browne, Sydne’Marie Chesson, Amanda Day, Manuel Divino, Michael Dominguez, Peter Gaston, Eve Gibson, Jake KurtzFreilich, Gabriel Lincoln, Harper Prenovost*, Olivia Siegel, Nathaniel Sumpter; Crew: Kate Apostolacus, Jordan Barron, Ashlee Cressman, Chloe Tevere, Isabel Walder, and Alayzha McDougal)

*part of recording arts, not performing live, recorded work will be presented

Video Show (Ila Atkinson, Ayden Cassano, Aaron Chan, Kevin Feimster, Peter Gaston, Kassidy Golden, Zoe Hammel, Siobhan Joyce-Farley, Lydia Keenan, Jake KurtzFreilich, Zev Marinoff, Alyssa Mitchell, Calvin Mustokoff, Jess Sabin, Emma Shear, Malaki Stewart, Carl Taylor, and Chloe Tevere)

Sports & Swim Video (Malachi Abernathy, Enyonam Amemasor, Brianly Baez, Hailey Baez, Logan Cartwright, Dakota Chestnut, Adriana Crentsil, Briana DiNardi, Peter Gatson, Julia Goldstein, Luis Jimenez, Jake KurtzFreilich, Denzel Lormond, Lynaire Munnings, Noah Saleem, Rafiq Salim, Everett Sanderson, Nina Schatell, Ahad Shabazz-Henry, Aaron Silvidio, Matthew Silvidio, Benjamin Steinwurtzel, Malaki Stewart, Carl Taylor, Jacob Tevere, and Kaylin Williams)

Photography and Visual Arts Shows (Photography: James Alvarez, Kennedy Anderson, Kate Apostolacus, Trinnu Ashlie, Mikella Austin, Nisly Baez, Nina Bombeke, Sydney Borislow, Ayden Cassan, Giavanina Cataldi, Max Cohen, Maura Cummins, Jaden Davis, Mia Davis, Molly Dente, Shayla George, Virginia Glynn, Julia Goldstein, Daniela Gonzalez, Calina Hall, Julia Hall, Zoe Hammel, Livia Janjigian, Luis Jimenez, Kayla Kern, Rebecca Kern, Roshaun Knott, Jahnae Lemons, Jennifer Lorber, Alayzha McDougal, Eric-Ross McLaren, Danielle McLaughlin, Monday Moore, Emily Morton, Lynaire Munnings, Cassidy Nelson, Dixie O’Connell, Emily Orlich, Jillian Roche, Olivia Roche, William Satloff, Dara Schwartz, Aaron Silvidio, Maddie Spanhook, Lucy Vanecek, and Isabel Walderi; Visual Arts: Malachi Abernathhy, Kennedy Anderson, Trinnu Ashlie, Mikella Austin, Felipe Baez, Hailey Baez, Zoe Benson, Rex Borgenicht, Stephen Browne, Dakota Chestnut, Max Cohen, Adriana Crentsil, Ashlee Cressman, Maura Cummins, Enola Davis, Amanda Day, Molly Dente, Isabel Duncan-Huffman, Kevin Feimster, Amelia Flynn, John Freudenberger, Peter Gaston, Eve Gibson, Julia Goldstein, Owen Holland, Shayla Hutchinson, Jay Izzo, Hannah Jackowski, Meg Jackowski, Luis Jimenez, Beth Keenan, Hugh Keenan, Roshaun Knott, Denzel Lormond, Fidous Mahamah, Harold Maradiaga, Lucas Markovits, Eric Ross McLaren, Nia McLorin, Monday Moore, Emily Morton, Amalia Nachman, Dixie O’Connell, Grant Pavol, Kyla Saleem, Noah Saleem, Rafiq Salim, Everett Sanderson, William Satloff, Ella Spanhook, Noa Spanier, Benjamin Steinwurtzel, Dara Schwart, Ahad Shabazz-Henry, Aaron Silvidio, Matthew Silvidio, Malaki Stewart, Sayvion Suggs, Carl Taylor, Chloe Tevere, Jacob Tevere, Eli Troll, Lucy Vanecek, Isabel Walder, Kaylin Williams, and Ericka Worden)

As You Wish (Cast: Laura Boyman, Sarah Fichter, Julia Hall, Beth Keenan, Jennifer Lorber, Danielle McLaughlin, and Maddie Spanhook Crew: Virginia Glynn, Nia McLorin, Kate Apostolacus, Zoe Benson, Nina Schatell, and Jiovanni Alvarez)

Dance Show featuring Spoken Word Poetry: MALFUNCTION (Dancers: Enyonam Amemasor, Brianly Baez, Hailey Baez, Rex Borgenicht, Logan Cartwright, Adriana Crentsil, Mia Davis, Briana DiNardi, Sarah Fichter, Amelia Flynn, Shayla George, Anna Higer-Paris, Shayla Hutchinson, Livia Janjigian, Claudia Kimmel, Isabella Lancenese, Roshaun Knott, Denzel Lormond, Arianne McDonald, Olivia Mitchell, Monday Moore, Carolina Morrow, Lynaire Munnings, Olivia Roche, Kyla Saleem, Bariah Salim, Nina Schatell, Dara Schwartz, Ella Spanhook, Maddie Spanhook, Noa Spanier, Sophie Wasyliw, Ericka Worden, and Kaylin Williams; Spoken Word Poets: Sydney Borislow, Jaden Davis, and Roshaun Knott)