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Camp 2015 First Session Performance Week

4-Week and 8-Week Camper Families, You’re Invited to First Session Performance Week! 

The performance schedule, attached below, has a list of all the campers and when they will be performing. Also, your campers and Bunk Counselors will be in touch with an update about your camper and to confirm their performances via a fun potcard that is in the mail to you today! We’re excited to see you for these amazing performances!

While we invite families to attend major performances, there is no pressure to attend, and in fact, most families are not able to attend. All major performances are taped by our Documentarian, and DVD copies will be available for purchase in the fall. We will e-mail you an order form in mid-October, and your DVDs will be delivered by the end of December — just in time to watch them as a family over the winter holidays!

Parents and families should understand that campers will be involved in mandatory camp activities before and after each show, and should plan to arrive at camp no more than 15 minutes before the scheduled performance. After the show, families may meet and talk with their campers briefly outside the performance space before the next camp activity.
Families may not visit their campers’ bunks or take campers off camp before or after performances.

Performances do not mark the end of the session — campers are not permitted to leave until Check-Out Day. Families who are visiting for performances near the end of camp should make plans accordingly, and may consider staying overnight at one of the local hotels listed on our website.

Performance Week First Session Camp 2015

Monday, July 20

5:15 PM in the Theater
  Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

7:30 PM at the Grove Stage
  Rock Concert

Tuesday, July 21

5:00 PM at Beauty & the Beast
  Horseback Riding Show

7:30 PM in the Theater
  The Miracle Worker

Wednesday, July 22

2:15 PM in the Theater

5:30 PM in the Theater
  Music Concert 1

7:30 PM in the Theater
  Music Concert 2

Thursday, July 23

2:15 PM in the Theater
  Video Show
  Sports & Swim Video

3:30 PM in Art Gallery, Conf. 3
  Visual Arts Show
  Photography Show

5:15 PM in the Theater
  She Kills Monsters

7:30 PM in the Theater
  Dance Show: STATIC

Campers Performing

Dr. Horrible (Cast: Isa Barnett, Payton Buchner, Jake Gess, Kayla Halper, William Jones, Rebecca Kern, Grace Neuger, Ingrid Rodriguez, Alexis Short, Camille Williams, Ariana Wilson; Crew: Jenna Belabed, Armando Chavez, Ayasiah Fraser, Zamira Frost, Tamasin Geoffrey, Zander Henderson, Tali Kamionkowski, Rebecca Kern, Eunice Kong, Miri Leaderman-Bray, Nahdjah Luciano, Lucie Nachman, Alexis Pisco, Django Sibilia, Sophia Smith, Zachary Solano, Ruby Wright)

Rock Concert (Performers: Alessandro Barbuzza, Isadora Barnett, Nigere Brown, Jeff Elliot, Tiron Ferrer, Tyler Fullerton, Jake Gess, Dylan Hamburger, Christian Jeter, Ben Kalb, Jason Kozarsky, Robert Lynch, Gilad Perlman-Greenberg, Emma Hawkins Raphael Lockenour, Lucie Nachman, Jason Pyne, Joshua Schuchman, Django Sibilia, Olivia Siegel, Allyson Stevens, Jacob Tevere, Aden Van Hollander, Joseph Venable Brown, Hiari Ward; Crew: Destiny David, Keon Nelson, Benjamin White, Charlotte Ziccardi)

Horseback Riding Show (Cate Genet, Rebecca Graber, Daria Temir-Bulat)

The Miracle Worker (Cast: Judah Barnett, Armando Chavez, Zamira Frost, Shane Garry, Zander Henderson, Isadora Kianovsky, Rebekah Kline, James O’ Driscoll, Sofia Pollack, Sarah Willis, Chenoa Yelle; Crew: Jenna Belabed, Tamasin Geoffrey, Sarah Glass, Julia Green, Tali Kamionkowski, Miri Leaderman-Bray, Nahdjah Luciano, Violet Randle, Sophia Smith, Zachary Solano, Ruby Wright)

Eurydice (Cast: Natalie Baker, RJ Cappuccio, Angelina Fauerbach, Ava Ganser, Nyla Gilliam, Kayla Kern, Nate Kianovsky, Havi Rojer, & Sophia Smith; Crew: Jenna Belabed, Armando Chavez, Ashlee Cressman, Zamira Frost, Tamasin Geoffrey, Zander Henderson, Tali Kamionkowski, Miri Leaderman-Bray, Nahdjah Luciano, Kaelynn McKinney, Keon Nelson, Zachary Solano, Sophia Smith, Ruby Wright

Music Concert 1 (Performers: Tamirah Adkins, Alessandro Barbuzza, Nicolas Barbuzza, Ashlee Cressman, Destiny David, Tirell Ferrer, Tiron Ferrer, Arthur Furniss, Sejal Gude, Tyler Jenkins, Min Yan Jiang, Sokevi Koudoha, Anna Leinwand, Wendy Muncha-Carrillo, Keon Nelson, Rayner Perez, Fiona Pollack, Violet Randle, Blake Riesenfeld, Joseph Venable Brown, Hiari Ward; Crew: Jenna Belabed, Tamasin Geoffrey, Tali Kamionkowski, Miri Leaderman-Bray, Nahdjah Luciano, Zachary Solano, Ruby Wright)

Music Concert 2 (Performers: Alessandro Barbuzza, RJ Cappuccio, Bella Chau, Hiba Chaudry, Hannah Collings, Jeff Elliott, Aurthur Furniss, Jake Gess, Sophie Gilbert, Sejal Gude, Katherine Harte-McCormick, Tyler Jenkins, Christian Jeter, Katrina Kathren, Isadora Kianovsky, Nate Kianovsky, Jason Kozarsky, Francesca Lockenour, Kaelyn McKinney, Madison Melendez, Lucie Nachman, Liam O’Driscoll, Gilad Perlman-Greenberg, Fiona Pollack, Jason Pyne, oshua Schuchman, Allyson Stevens, J; Crew: Jenna Belabed, Tamasin Geoffrey, Tali Kamionkowski, Miri Leaderman-Bray, Nahdjah Luciano, Zachary Solano, Ruby Wright)

Video Show (Max Cohen, Ayasiah Fraser, Tamasin Geoffrey, Kamryn Johnson, Dylan Hamburger, Madeline Lippa, Robert Lynch, Calvin Mustokoff, James O’Driscoll, Liam O’Driscoll, Blake Riesenfeld, Elijah Samans, Django Sibilia, Jacob Tevere, Ruby Wright, Cheyanne Yelle)

Sports & Swim Video (Tamirah Adkins, Cecelia Barnett, Judah Barnett, Jenna Belabed, Nigera Brown, Nigere Brown, Fanta Camara, Kaneeyah Coles, Tirell Ferrer, Tiron Ferrer, Cate Genet, Nyla Gilliam, Katie Goldberger, Tyler Jenkins, Nala Johnson, Eunice Kong, Francesca Lockenour, Abigail Malia-Koudoha, Kaiel Maynor, Madison Melendez, Wendy Muncha-Carillo, Callie Natiello, Rayner Perez, Sofia Pollack, Ingrid Rodriguez, Mike Sanchez, Allison Smith, Maddie Spanhook, Joseph Venable Brown)

Visual Arts and Photography Shows (Tamirah Adkins, Natalie Baker, Nicolas Barbuzza, Cecelia Barnett, Judah Barnett, Jacob Belabed, Jenna Belabed, Sydney Borislow, Fanta Camara, Albert Chau, Bella Chau, Hiba Chaudry, Armando Chavez, Luke Chiang, Max Cohen, Hannah Collings, Ashlee Cressman, Jennifer Dong, Tirell Ferrer, Tyler Fullerton, Arthur Furniss, Zamira Frost, Ava Ganser, Audrey Gao, Cate Genet, Tamasin Geoffrey, Sophie Gilbert, Sarah Glass, Sejal Gude, Julia Hall, Zander Henderson, Sophie Hill, Min Yan Jiang, Asa Johnson, Kamryn Johnson, Nala Johnson, Ben Kalb, Katrina Kathren, Kayla Kern, Isadora Kianovsky, Nate Kianozsky, Rebekah Kline, Miri Leaderman-Bray, Anna Leinwand, Francesca Lockenour, Raphael Lockenour, Nahdjah Luciano, Robert Lynch, Abigail Malia-Koudoha, Kaiel Maynor, Kaeylen McKinney, Madison Melendez, Wendy Muncha-Carillo, Calvin Mustokoff, Keon Nelson, Grace Neuger, Liam O’Driscoll, Raynor Perez, Gilad Perlma-Greenberg, Natalie Pichardo, Alexis Pisco, Fiona Pollack, Gabriella Pollack, Violet Randle, Anya Richards, Tiffany Rodriguez, Havi Rojer, Rebecca Rome, Grace Roscoe, Mike Sanchez, Ava Samans, Elijah Samans, William Satloff, Joshua Schuchman, Sophie Schuchman, Allison Smith, Zachary Solano, Ella Spanhook, Allyson Stevens, Anna Stribrny, LeeAndrea Tello, Daria Temir-Bulat, Mason Tepper, Chloe Tevere, Hannah Treatman, Clare Uppenbrink, Aden Van Hollander, Hiari Ward, Benjamin White, Camille Williams, Ruby Wright, Chenoa Yelle, Cheyanne Yelle, Charlotte Ziccardi)

She Kills Monsters (Cast: Talia Feshbach, Audrey Gao, Julia Green, Kate Harte-McCormick, Nala Johnson, Maddie Lippa, Gabby Pollack, Mason Tepper, Chloe Tevere; Crew: Cecelia Barnett, Jenna Belabed, Armando Chavez, Ayasiah Fraser Zamira Frost, Tyler Fullerton, Tamasin Geoffrey, Dylan Hamburger, Zander Henderson, Tali Kamionkowski, Miri Leaderman-Bray, Nahdjah Luciano, Sophia Smith, Zachary Solano, Jacob Tevere, Ruby Wright)

Dance Show: STATIC (Isadora Barnett, Jacob Belabed, Heidy-Ann Belfor, Nigera Brown, Bella Chau, Hiba Chaudry, Kaneeyah Coles, Hannah Collings, Destiny David, Angelina Fauerbach, Talia Feshbach, Ayasiah Fraser, Zamira Frost, Ava Ganser, Shane Garry, Sophie Gilbert, Katie Goldberger, Julia Green, Kayla Halper, Kate Harte-McCormick, Sophie Hill, Leila Israel, Christian Jeter, Asa Johnson, Tali Kamionkowski, Sokevi Koudoha, Anna Leinwand, Natalie Pichardo, Sophia Pollack, Ingrid Rodriguez, Tiffany Rodriguez, Grace Roscoe, Ava Samans, Taylor Slack, Sophia Schuchman, Alexis Short, Ella Spanhook, Maddie Spanhook, Anna Stribrny, Daria Temir-Bulat, Aden Van Hollander, Sarah Willis, Ruby Wright, Charlotte Ziccardi)