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Bunk Bucks Palooza!

Tuesday was another great day at camp! Campers worked to finish up projects and performances, with the session coming to a close in only a few short days. Photography students finished up their last prints, while crafting the perfect artist statement to compliment their work. Ceramics projects got their final glazing, as the kiln loads up for one more firing before the Visual Art show. The 4 week shows have already started their tech runs, and the music department continues to rehearse individual and ensemble pieces. We can’t wait to see all of our campers’ hard work on display!

Tonight brought another round of Bunk Area Activities! South and Hill campers played a visual art game in the art barn, while coop campers took on a challenge at their bunks. North campers took part in a Bunk Bucks earning rotation of games, led by their CITs, which had them blowing bubbles through hoops, kicking flip flops with accuracy, building tall towers, keeping balloons in the air, and playing a modified version of bag toss. Check out a video clip from our Instagram story to see for yourself!