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Beach Day!

Hello parents!  Today is beach day!  The kiddos have been looking forward to this all session!  They will get to get off camp today to go to Avalon.  Campers will get a choice to walk the town, go on the beach, or both; they will split up into groups and head off.  Each camper will be receiving $15 to spend in the town.  They love going to the Five and Dime to by candy and toys. The also love to pool their money together in order to get a shipwreck!  A shipwreck is a giant ice cream consisting of 12 scoops of ice cream; once the kids complete the shipwreck the ice cream, Buccaneers shop will put their photo on the wall!  The wall at Buccaneers is covered with Appel Farms from many years past.  The campers will also be able to hit the beach to get some sun!  They always have a great time swimming, playing in the sand and laying on the beach!

Tonight after a day full of sunshine and fun the campers will get to relax with movie night!  They will be able to choose through a few movies to watch around camp.  Their options for tonight will include Doctor Strange, Fantastic Beasts, Trolls, and the Space Between Us.  It’s a fun and relaxing end to a great beach day!

Make sure to check out the Department Workshops and today’s class photos up on CampInTouch!  Have a great rest of your days!