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August 9th, 2015

Although we had to part with our two-week campers this morning, last night we got to see some incredible performances by our friends. The entire afternoon and evening was filled with so much talent, it’s hard to believe we were able to pack that much incredible-ness into one day! We started the day as usual with majors, then had shortened minors in the afternoon to make sure we had time to see our horseback riders in action. We invited a horse to camp so that the two-week horseback riders could show us what they’ve been working on, which included standing up, riding backwards, and doing a flip…off of a horse! Next we got to see what our actors have been up to as we headed over to the pavilion to see the play ‘Red & Gold’. This play was extra-special, because the actors originally improvised the entire screenplay and then turned it into a script.

After the play we headed into the theater to listen to our musicians perform. Even when you don’t consider that they’ve only been playing their instruments and practicing their songs for only two weeks, it was still amazing. We got to hear music from around the world, see some first-time piano players, groove to the jazz band, and see the rock band do their thing. After dinner we saw work from our visual arts students. It was great to see, as we don’t typically get a chance to view their work! There were some incredible functional ceramics, as well as amazing self portraits, photographs, paintings, and sculptures. There was also a demonstration from our robotics class, and we go to see their robots go through mazes that the classes constructed themselves!

We then headed over to the theater to view work from the video department, who put together some movie trailers to give us a taste of what is to come during our last performance week of camp. We also got to see a video showcasing the sports and swim students, because they’ve been working hard in the sun everyday of camp! Our musical theater minor also showed us what they’d been working on, which was a few songs from the Legally Blonde musical. Last but certainly not least, was the dance show. But it wasn’t just a dance show, as we saw some of our spoken word poets recite their poems on stage between acts. It was incredible to see such momentous words come from these kids. The dance show was super high-energy and exciting as we got to see what the dancers put together in just two short weeks! Take a look at all the photos to see the some of the amazing work from yesterday!