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August 6th, 2015

Today was a day full of amazing collaborations at camp. We have so many departments that are doing such different things throughout the day, so it is nice when campers and counselors from different departments can come together to make something amazing. We have so much talent here, why not share it with each other? During majors, our dancers and photographers went off to work on some photoshoots together. With the dancers moves and the photographers’ knowledge of composition, we are bound for some amazing prints. Our artists also collaborated with nature in our Green Corps class, as they went to find inspiration from the wildlife on camp. The collaborating continued tonight during our Camper-Counselor concert. This gives campers a chance to work with their talented instructors and counselors to create an act or performance on stage that showcases each of their amazing talents. We had Maddie dance to a spoken word poem by Febo, a spoken song by Ginny with musical accompaniment from Kennedy and Steph, an interesting reading by Aiden and Dalvin from a novel written by our very own Julie Cross, and a rock band with Craig, Mike, and Steven. It was an amazing concert and really shows what can happen when we put our talents together!