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August 2nd, 2015

Today was our first “Lazy Sunday” of second session, and it was a fun one! On Sundays in place of majors and minors, we have a bunch of fun workshops for campers to choose from. Each counselor sets up their own workshop, and anyone can attend. This week we had a lot of fun ones, including a DIY spa with face masks, learning the many card games of Appel Farm, bead-making, figure drawing, and of course, Golfball! Campers are also able to spend the day relaxing and recharging for the week ahead. There is a lot of free time to make art, read the books we brought with us, and write home.

Tonight’s event was our Bunk Area Activities. This is where each bunk area, Hill, Coop, North and South, choose an activity for all the campers to participate in as a big group. South had fun doing improv games and Coop and Hill each had talent shows where campers got to show off everything they’re good at. North had fun while being green, as they used recycled cardboard to make (somewhat functioning) boats that they then raced in the pool! It was surprising to see what they were able to do with a little cardboard! Take a look at the photos to see all the fun activities we participated in today!