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August 17th, 2015

Monday was the first day of Performance Week for the second session at Appel Farm this Summer! We had our majors and minors as usual, with our campers¬†busy finishing art work, perfecting choreography, getting the tempo just right, writing artist statements, practicing stage presence and everything else they’ll need to prepare for the craziness that is performance week! After our classes,¬†we kicked off performance week with the play David and Lisa in the theater. The cast put on an amazing performance, and the hard work by the technical theater campers behind-the-scenese was also an incredible aspect of the show.

That night after dinner, we headed over to the Grove Stage to watch the Rock Concert! This is a super exciting event, it’s like our own little music festival right here at Appel Farm. We gathered our blankets, hula hoops, and bug spray and got ready to see our musicians rock out on stage. All of the bands were amazing and showed us their talent in the best way. A lot of campers got right up to the front of the stage to experience the show to the fullest, and the bands did not disappoint!