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August 16th, 2015

We had a nice relaxing Sunday today at Appel Farm. Campers had a lot of options today, as breakfast was optional (and later than usual so we could get more sleep) and we also got to choose between a bunch of super fun workshops. There was a friendship making workshop with Sarah, open studios in the art barn, an open darkroom for the photographers who would like to make more prints before the show, and some jam sessions for people who just wanted to spend the day playing music. Campers could also opt out of going to a workshop to hang out with their friends, work on their lines, or play a game of chess. We also had a special activity today, our One Week Showcase! Everyone gathered in the theater so we could see all the amazing stuff the one seekers were up to for the past 7 days. There was some incredible visual art in the lobby before we got to the performances. We then got to see what our performance artists have been working on on stage. Our musicians sang us a few songs, then we got to hear poems from our theater performers from the voice of characters of the fairytales that we saw in the next performance. They put on a truly special play that was a twist on our favorite fairytales. Lastly, we got to see what our dancers learned in just 7 days!!! It was a pretty amazing show. Stay tuned tomorrow to see photos from tonight’s Camper Counselor Concert!