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August 15th, 2015

We’re getting closer and closer to performance week, and that means we are busier than ever in our classes! Our ceramic students have had an exciting few days as they have the wood kiln firing up a lot of their creations. It requires wood to be burned in it constantly, so everyone is working hard on it. Our dancers are solidifying their choreography, the musicians are fine-tuning their songs, and the photographers are churning out prints in the darkroom. The artwork in the Art Barn is looking amazing, and the video students are getting the last of their footage.

Tonight Appel Farm was filled with Gods and Goddesses for our dinner dance! This gives campers and counselors a chance to get dressed up in their most fancy outfit, or like mythological creatures if they prefer. We had some stone statues, a lot of togas, and even Medusa made an appearance. We headed to a fancy dinner at the dining hall, which was decorated with goblets and glitter. Then we made our way to the pavilion to dance the night away to our favorite songs! Take a look at the photos to see everyone’s amazing outfits and sweet dance moves.