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August 14th, 2015

Things got a bit flipped upside down today. We had visitors from many different dimensions…a couple Doctors you might be familiar with, some guy named Marty, a princess, and some kind of evil villain looking to turn the day upside down at Appel Farm. It started with the meals, breakfast wasn’t like it normally was…instead it was pizza. Things got stranger as we had our minors first, then lunch, and then our majors. Luckily, things got back to normal at “breakfast” and then we had our Friday Night Concert! Sadly, it is our last Friday Night Concert of the season. But, there was a happy twist, as we had some of our alumni come to see us! They got to watch all of the amazing performances tonight, which included an acoustic song by Emily, another from Sarah, two monologues from Dixie and Grace, a song sang by Sydney, a Muse song by T, a duet with Mike and Claudia, and a rock performance by the Hot Potatoes. It was an amazing night for our guests to come. They even got to get on stage themselves to sing the Appel Farm song. Take a look at the images to get a taste of how great the performances were!