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August 13th, 2015

Today was a jam-packed day for our campers! Since it was stormy here on Tuesday, we switched our trip day to Thursday so that we could make sure we had the maximum amount of fun when we went off camp. Before we left for our trips we had majors, although today we added a little twist. We had our In-reach program, where we invite guests to Appel Farm so that we can show them what we do during classes and have them participate with the campers. We had a great group of kids from another summer camp come in to learn some dances in the dance department, some seniors came to the Art Barn to make some awesome 3-D art, some girls from Robin’s Nest went out with our photographers to make photograms and some went with the theater department to play some super fun theater warm-up games. It was great to share our talents with our guests and to remind us of the reason why we come to Appel Farm in the first place!

For our trips, we got to spend the entire evening off camp with our bunk areas doing some awesome activities. South went to the Philadelphia zoo, North went back to Avalon to enjoy the beach, Coop went to another spot on the Jersey Shore to enjoy some amusement rides as well as the boardwalk and beach, and our oldest campers got to go to Six Flags to try out some insane rides. After an exhausting day, we came back to camp to enjoy a relaxing evening full of movies. We got to choose between four different films, grab some popcorn, snuggle up in our pajamas, and relax in front of the movie screen. All in all it was a great day!