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August 11th, 2015

Last night, the weather decided to cooperate with us and wait to rain until we fell asleep, so we were able to have our Acoustic Campfire! This is a great night of performances that do not require a mic or any kind of electric equipment. Before the performance officially started, we got together to sing a few campfire songs. This includes a lot of repeat-after-me songs and songs that involve a lot of hand motions and dancing. It was a great opening for the other performances we got to see, which included a song by AJ, a poem/song with Will, Febo, and Jillian, a poem by Kate, a song written by Harper and Harold, and some duets with counselors, Olivia and Caleb, Jeff and Caleb, and an awesome Cranberries cover with Claudia and April. It was a beautiful night outside, made even better by the sweet sounds of our campers’ and counselors’ words and music.