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Arts + Tech & Sports & Swim, Visual Arts, CIT Showcase, and Dance Show!

Hello parents!  The kiddos featured in the Art + Tech Show & Sports & Swim Video just walked the red carpet into the Theater while being hounded by paparazzi!  This video is these campers time to shine.  The Horseback Riding campers will also be featured.  At 3:30 the Visual Art & Photography Show will begin.  This show will take place in the conference rooms and the gallery.  Campers will walk with their bunks to each room; filling out compliment cards on the way. Campers who have work in the show will also have the opportunity to stand with their work and talk about it if they do choose.

After the Visual Art & Photography Show, we will make our way back to the Theater to see the CIT Showcase.  This a show featuring projects the CITs have worked on throughout their entire 4 weeks at camp. They were given the freedom to choose their desired subject area and mentor to showcase their passions and talents for all the camp to see.

Following dinner, we will have our dance show at 7:30 featuring everything from hip hop to ballet. After, we will hold our closing ceremonies as a goodbye to our campers. We will be so sad to see them go tomorrow but we are excited for them to take their talents and newfound skills back home with them!

After our closing ceremonies we will have our campfire!  The campers(except for North) will be allowed to stay up till 2:00am!  They will get to have s’mores and hang out with their friends.  Many of them bring instruments and games, it’s a great time!

Up on CampInTouch today you can see Pippin, the Soccer Game, the Shaving Cream Fights, and the Kiln Unloading.  Enjoy!