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Appel Farm Arts Camp 2015

Bringing Robots to Life!

This summer at Appel Farm, our campers will be wildly creative, they will make friends who accept them for being interesting and unique individuals, they will takes risks, and learn and grow and have loads of fun. They will come to life!

Our staff, camp community, programs and activities will make all of this possible, and give our campers a break from school-year academic pressure, standardized testing, cliques, drama, and competition, pressuring them to be the same, to follow the norm, to become robots.

This is our Camp Theme! We can’t wait to weave this theme through the summer. Can you think of some great music, artwork, project, decorations?

Shout out to Zoungy, Painting and Drawing Instructor, for the theme artwork. Wait ’til you see the Camp 2015 T-Shirt design!!!