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Another Reason to Keep Coming Back to the Farm…

This summer, and for every summer from now on, Appel Farm will celebrate the numerous campers and counselors who call Appel Farm home. Each session, during our Appel Farm For Life celebration, campers and counselors who have been coming to Appel Farm for three years or more will be able to add their “high-five” handprints to the High-Five Mural!

Our new High-Five Mural was painted by Patrick Sibilia, a talented artist, baker, and camp parent to Django and Wyatt.  While at Appel Farm, Django enjoys taking visual arts classes, while Wyatt prefers rocking out! Camp 2014 marks Django and Wyatt’s 5th and 3rd year, respectively, so they will be adding their handprints to the mural this summer along with 97 other returning campers.

The mural is located in the courtyard near the Pavilion, next to the video classrooms, canteen, and camp library. When will we see your handprint on the mural? We can’t wait.