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All the World’s a Worldfair Campfire!

Today was another fun day at Appel Farm! Campers enjoyed a full day of majors and minors – we even shared highlights from Major 1 on our Instagram Story. If you’re not an Instagram user, that’s okay – we send everything from Instagram directly to our Facebook Story. You can view our Story updates from the Instagram and Facebook apps on your phone, or by logging into your Facebook account on your desktop computer or tablet. The story is only available for 24 hours, so make sure to check in every time you see an update!

Tonight brought back one of our most beloved Appel Farm evening programs – the World Fair Campfire. This session, we hit a record number of booths at the campfire – there was SO much to do! From learning another language to perfecting your New York accent, campers filled their passports with experiences from all over the globe. Of course, no campfire is complete without S’MORES! Make sure to log in to Camp-In-Touch to see come close up shots of campers devouring their ooey gooey s’mores!

We got to end the night with a beautiful campfire story, told by our Nurse Ruby. As she passed sand around the fire for everyone to hold, campers broke out singing the Appel Farm song. While everyone sang, Ruby tossed the sands on to the fire, and the whole fire started to glow in rainbow colors! You could hear the “ooh’s” and “aah’s” as campers watched the flames change color. It was a truly magical night.

Sunday brings us late breakfast and a day full of workshops – we can’t believe the days are flying by so fast! In fact, our Session 3 Showcases are almost here! Read below to learn more about Showcase schedules…

You’re Invited to our Session 3 Showcases
Thursday, August 2nd & Friday, August 3rd!

Thursday, August 2nd

5:15 Minor Showcase @ Theatre

Friday, August 3rd

11:15 Art + Technology Show @ Theatre
Sports & Swim Video Feature @ Theatre
12:30 Lunch
(ONLY for families with campers in the 11:15 & 1:30 shows)
1:30 2-Week Theatre Cabaret @ Theatre
2:45 Visual Art & Photo Show @ Art Gallery
4:00 Dance Show @ Theatre
5:15 Rock Show @ The Grove Stage
6:30 DINNER @ Dining Hall
(ONLY for families with campers in a pre-dinner show & the Music Concert)
7:30 Music Concert @ Theater

• Our theater seats about 325 people, and we already have 300+ people here with our campers and staff. We are anticipating a very full theater with all of our campers, counselors and guests. We ask that you limit the number of guests you are bringing to 2 people per camper, if possible. We will have video footage available after camp that you can share with friends and family!

• Plan to arrive only ten minutes early, because your children will need every last minute for technical rehearsals.

• Please only attend the parts of the showcase in which your child is performing. If your child is performing in multiple parts, then you are invited to stay for the entire day. Please take careful note of the instructions above about lunch and dinner. Our kitchen will need to prepare for additional guests, so if you would like to stay for a meal based on your camper’s performances, we need you to let us know via email reply no later than Tuesday, July 31st.

• We understand that many of you will want to visit with your camper before or after their show, but please keep in mind, you will be picking them up Saturday morning to go home, and will have lots of time then to visit.

• Campers are not allowed to leave camp for dinner or after the performances. Every minute of camp time is precious and we want your child to have all of it they can! The last night of camp is filled with special rituals and traditions that we don’t want your child to miss out on.

• Please R.S.V.P. if you are planning to attend the show by emailing us at Include the following information:

*Your camper’s name
*The # of people in your party (Parents/Guardians/Siblings)
*Which shows you are attending
*How many for dinner (only for families who need to stay)


Thursday, August 2nd

5:15 Minor Showcase @ Theatre
Performers: Malachi Abernathy, Noah Barkan, Kaitlyn Bouffard, Caroline Bovi, Jada Coe, Jaxson Cole, Joe Colwell, Nicholas Ear, Boleslav Econa, Bella Etkin, Zamira Frost, Maximiliano Garcia Rivas, Jacob Gompers, Tatiana Gonzalez, Tyler Grisafi, Lydia Keenan, Delorian Lewis, Eleanor Loatman, Anabella Lombard, Amirah Murphy, Jasir Quddus, Mae Sokol, Theodore Stern, Ivy S., Bintia Sylla, Elena Van Horn, Kaylin Williams

Friday, August 3rd

11:15 Art + Technology Show @ Theatre
Video: Toni-Kae Anderson, William Cole, Kevin Conway, Cooper Fiske-Kneafsey, Ryder Fiske-Kneafsey, John Freudenberger, Mia Freudenberger, Hugo Holland, Lydia Keenan, Ethan Lafazan, Olivia Malin, Zev Marinoff, Uma Menon, Angel Montesinos, Jennifer Rosado, Abigail Smith

Recording Arts: Toni-Kae Anderson, Sam Dorbin, Boleslav Econa, Uma Menon, Angel Montesinos, Ellie Rojer, Sasha Rojer, Jasir Quoddus, Emma Shear, Tyrion Tarver, Alden Weaver

Robotics: Jacob Gompers, James Luciano, Isaiah Montesinos, Talif Pearson, Brian Peterson

Sports & Swim Video Feature @ Theatre
Featuring: Sarahi Anderson, Amanie Betancourt, Jared Butler, Ava Buranelli, Mariannis De la Rosa, Leilani Ferrer, Ryder Fiske-Kneafsey, Amelia Flynn, Ainsley Gallagher, Jacob Gompers, Traval Henry, Delia Holland, Dean Jost, Ava Kawamura, Ezra Oquendo, Victoria Pearson, Brian Peterson, Brianna Peterson, Jayanna Reed, Ian Reid, Kayla Reynolds, Gianna Rullo, Allen Shears, Xariana Walton, Aaliyah Watts, Anna Xu

1:30 2-Week Cabaret @ Theatre
Featuring: Noah Barkan, Katie Bouffard, Katie Butler, Kelly Conway, Nicholas Ear, Rowen Fisher, Mia Freudenberger, James Gay, Maggie Haran, Charlotte Holder, Dean Jost, Delorian Lewis, Coralie Lyford, Sofie Melledy, Nadav Perlman-Greenberg, Katie Power, Shelby Ritterson, Tori Shears, Ivy S.

Technicians & Designers: Charlotte Bailey-Schwartz, Lailah Berry, Kevin Conway, Amelia Flynn, Dylan Furr, James Gay, Maggie Haran, Lydia Holbrook, Kayla Reynolds, Zamya Reynolds, Tori Shears, Colette White, Alexa Zuckerman
2:45 Visual Arts & Photography Show @ Art Gallery
Visual Arts: Malachi Abernathy, Chelsea Appelbaum, Aden Baez, Felipe Baez, Hailey Baez, Noah Barkan, Livia Bernstein, Amanie Betancourt, Nana Bombeke, Katie Butler, Angela Carroll, Sophia Carusone, Jada Coe, William Cole, Kelly Conway, Kevin Conway, Ceqouia Corbin, Cimiyyia Corbin, Sam Dorbin, Sophia Econa, Jo’el Ferrer, Rowan Fisher, Cooper Fiske-Kneafsey, Ryder Fiske-Kneafsey, Amelia Flynn, Emma Freudenberger, Mia Freudenberger, Kensley Frias, Dylan Furr, Ainsley Gallagher, Rhiannon Gallagher, Jacob Gompers, Tatiana Gonzalez, Julia Hall, Brooke Harper, Michaela Hart, Traval Henry, Lydia Holbrook, Delia Holland, Larissa Jeffers, Dean Jost, Samuel Leibowitz, Anabelle Lombard, James Luciano, Nahdjah Luciano, Coralie Lyford, Kate Maimone, Anya Malhotra, Olivia Malin, Zev Marinoff, Sophie Melledy, Uma Menon, Calvin Mustokoff, Isaiah Montesinos, Ezra Oquendo, Samuel Ortiz, Saul Ortiz, Victoria Pearson, Brian Peterson, Makkah Pierre, Tula Plasencia, Jayanna Reed, Ian Reid, Zamya Reynolds, Camila Rocha, Noelle Ross, Gianna Rullo, Aviva Schuh, Keira Shear, Jillian Shweky, Josiah Singleton, Mirielle Skolnick, Sage Smyrl, Josiah Singleton, Mae Sokol, Autumn Supnick, Abdul Sylla, Bintia Sylla, Yunussa Sylla, Iris Takahashi, Tyron Tarver, Eli Troll, Elena Van Horn, Adam Wachtel, Aaliyah Watts, Alden Weaver, Mae Weaver, Colette White, Ariah Woods

Photography: Charlotte Bailey-Schwartz, Lailah Berry, Nina-Bombeke, Jared Butler, Brooke Harper, Anya Malhotra, Nadav Perlman-Greenberg, Makkah Pierre, Kayla Reynolds, Zamya Reynolds, Allen Shears, Mae Sokol

4:00 Dance Show @ Theatre
Performers: Sarahi Anderson, Aden Baez, Brianly Baez, Felipe Baez, Hailey Baez, Amanie Betancourt, Caroline Bovi, Katie Butler, Sofia Carusone, Diannis De la Rosa, Mariannis De la Rosa, Leilani Ferrer, Maya Foster, Emma Freudenberger, Zamira Frost, Dylan Furr, Emeka Jones, Ava Kawamura, Lydia Keenan, Caitlyn Kindij, Ethan Lafazan, Anabelle Lombard, Zev Marinoff, Alayzha McDougal, Stella Neff, Cassidy Nelson, Delmarie Ortiz, Samuel Ortiz, Brianna Peterson, Jayanna Reed, Kayla Reynolds, Mariah Rivera, Sasha Rojer, Nina Schatell, Keira Shear, Tori Shears, Jillian Shweky, Mirielle Skolnick, Bintia Sylla, Xariana Walton, Ariah Woods, Karena Yan, Isadora Zbyszewski

Crew: Livia Bernstein, Lailah Berry

5:15 Rock Show @ The Grove Stage
Performers: Kaitlyn Bouffard, Jaxson Cole, William Cole, Joe Colwell, Sam Dorbin, Emilia Foote Wallentin, Mia Fenyak, Tyler Grisafi, Maximiliano Garcia Rivas, Brooke Harper, Larisa Jeffers, James Luciano, Zev Marinoff, Calvin Mustokoff, Cassidy Nelson, Talif Pearson, Ian Reid, Ellie Reiner, Ellie Rojer, Jennifer Rosado, Andrea Santiago, Jillian Shweky, Theodore Stern, Abdul Sylla, Iris Takahashi

7:30 Music Concert @ Theatre
Performers: Sarahi Anderson, Caroline Bovi, Jada Coe, Jaxson Cole, Joe Colwell, Ceqouia Corbin, Boleslav Econa, Amelia Flynn, Kensley Frias, Maximiliano Garcia Rivas, Delia Holland, Hugo Holland, Emeka Jones, Lydia Keenan, Ethan LaFazan, Samuel Leibowitz, Anabelle Lombard, Kate Maimone, Olivia Malin, Uma Menon, Ian Reid, Mariah Rivera, Noelle Ross, Andrea Santiago, Zachary Schuh, Zamira Sigel-Kulick, Sage Smyrl, Theodore Stern, Yunussa Sylla, Alden Weaver, Mae Weaver, Anna Xu

Technicians: Toni-Kae Anderson, Lailah Berry, Kevin Conway, Tyler Grisafi, Lydia Holbrook, Ellie Reiner, Alexa Zuckerman

Session 3 Campers: Check-Out Day
We don’t want them to leave, but Saturday is Check-Out Day. Please plan to pick up your camper between 9-11 AM Saturday, August 4th. We will send out an email with lots of additional information next week.

Check out our website for nearby accommodations using this link:

Session 3 & 4 Campers: Visiting Day
Visiting Day is between 10 AM – 6 PM Saturday, August 4th. We will send out an email with lots of additional information next week.

We look forward to seeing you this weekend! Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the Showcases; we will be videotaping all of the performances, and they will be available after camp.

ANY QUESTIONS: Email us at OR Call us at 856-358-2472

Much camp love,
Tracy & Cara
Camp Directors