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Acoustic Campfire

Tuesday was another full day of fun in the sun as Session 2 continued on. After a full day of classes, campers gathered together around the campfire to enjoy the 3S’s that make up any good Appel Farm Acoustic Campfire – Songs, Skits, and S’mores!

It’s always amazing to us to see how talented our campers and staff are, and we’re even more impressed when we discover hidden talents on nights like these. The camper who you see in visual arts, picks up a ukulele and starts to play. A quiet camper who is usually behind the camera sings out in perfect harmony. Our campers bring so many incredible skills along with them to camp, and we are lucky to get to see and experience everything they are, everything that makes a community like our so uniquely amazing.

Tomorrow, we gear up for Bunk Area trips, and the CITs take off on their 2-day college tour!