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A Totally Fun Tuesday!

There must be a magical bubble around Appel Farm, because we made it through the day without any of the Thunderstorms you might have experienced in the tri-state area! Classes and fun went on as scheduled, as campers got to return to classes for another day of lessons. Some campers swapped to try a new class, but as of this evening, we are all done with swaps and in our official classes for the session.

We enjoyed french toast sticks for breakfast, turkey club sandwiches at lunch, and shepherd’s pie at dinner, all with Chef Jodi’s newest creation – “Cheesy Potato Soup” – on the side! She even whipped up some homemade peach crisp for everyone to enjoy. There are a lot of things we love about Chef Jodi, but one of our favorite things about her is how AMAZING she is at helping every single camper find something to eat. Gluten Free? No problem! Picky eater? We’ve got suggestions! Vegetarian AND Dairy Free? She’s got alternatives galore! Jodi puts so much care into making sure every one of our campers leaves the dining hall happy and full!

After dinner we enjoyed a staff concert in the theatre. It’s always amazing to see just how talented our camp staff are, and campers are already eyeing up their counselor pairs for the upcoming camper-counselor concert. One thing is for sure at Appel Farm – there are always opportunities to share your art with friends!