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A New Day!

It’s the beginning of a new session again here at Appel Farm, and we are so excited to see what Session 3 brings!

On Sunday, we said goodbye to those who headed out from Session 2 and welcomed our new friends! On Sunday evening, we held a Scavenger Hunt to allow our newest campers to explore their new home away from home. Counselors and our leadership team set up stations throughout our camp and campers teamed up with their bunkmates to complete the stations in exchange for Bunk Bucks! Some of the stations included Sculptionary in the Art Barn, trivia in our library, and Zip-Zap-Zong at the theater.

Last night, our campers got to get to know their new departments at our Extravaganza. The staff from each department and bunk area put on an act to show everyone what their all about. Performances ranged from videos to songs to skits and everything in between. 

Today, our campers finalized their schedules and started to get into the nitty gritty of their studies. After a long day of classes, our campers get to spend some quality time with their bunks and get to know the people they get to spend the next few weeks with while doing some bunk activities.

We are so excited to see all of the creative things our campers come up with this session!