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A Blueberry Adventure!

Today was another great day! The sun was out and campers were excited to choose their department trips! Tomorrow, we’ll leave camp for a morning of fun, with each department hosting their own off site trip. Campers got to choose which trip they’ll go on based on their two morning major classes. We’ve asked our counselors to send us photos from the trips, so we’ll share those on Instagram as they come in. Make sure to keep up with our Insta Story – it’s got highlights from our day, but you can only view them for 24 hours before they disappear!

Speaking of highlights – the highlight of our day was an amazing trip to the Blueberry farm for our North campers and their CIT buddies! Sarv challenged everyone to beat the record – 47 pounds of blueberries! We think our Northies and their CIT pals are up for the challenge.

Tonight, campers enjoyed Bunk Activities – a great way to connect and grow closer to their bunkmates. As they wrapped up, campers made their way to evening snack, and are now out and about on camp, enjoying some free time before bed.