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Performance Week – 1st Session

Hello parents! We had a great start to our week today; we had majors and minors during the day and an acoustic campfire in the evening. Tomorrow we head out on bunk trips and everyone is ready to GO, many have been looking forward to their trips in another bunk for years. As you know 4-weeks is sneaking up quickly, therefore we want you to be prepared with information about performance week. Below, is the schedule of events, as well as a list of each camper participating in each piece. We’re going to continue to soak up the time with our 4-week campers, but we’re also extremely excited for Performance Week!


Monday, July 18

7:30 PM at the Grove Stage : Rock Concert


Tuesday, July 19

7:30 PM in the Theater : Legally Blonde


Wednesday, July 20

2:15 PM in the Theater : The Man Who Came To Dinner

5:30 PM in the Theater : Music Concert 1

7:30 PM in the Theater : Music Concert 2


Thursday, July 21

2:15 PM in the Theater : Art + Technology Show, Sports & Swim Video Feature

3:30 PM in Art Gallery, Conf. 3 : Visual Arts Show, Photography Show, LEGO Robotics & Design Show

5:15 PM in the Theater: To Kill a Mockingbird

7:30 PM in the Theater : Dance Show featuring Spoken Word Poetry


We will be thrilled if you can make it to your camper’s shows, but we know that most parents are unable to come. If you can’t make it, recordings of all performances will be available in October! Please let us know if you are not coming, and send your camper an encouraging e-mail before the show! Following is a list of all of the campers performing in each show…



Campers Performing


Rock Concert (Rex Borgenicht, Tiron Ferrer, Danny Gala, Ava Ganser, Emma Hawkins, Tyler Jenkins, Christian Jeter, Ben Kalb, Jason Kozarsky, Ahron Lewis, Gabriel Lincoln, Raphael Lockenour, Harold Maradiaga, Michael Martinez, Calvin Mustokoff, Gilad Perlman-

Greenberg, Olivia Siegel, Morris Thomas, Aden Van Hollander, Isaiah Weekes, Judah Weekes)

Legally Blonde (Cast: Shela Adu-Mensah, James Baker, Sydney Borislow, Payton Buchner, Destiny David, Rebecca Graber, Julia Green, Maddie Lippa, Gabrielle Montesinos, Matthew Shuster; Designers and Crew: Nisly Baez, Jordan Barron, Mia Fenyak, Jo’el Ferrer, Ayasiah Fraser, Leila Israel, Tali Kamionkowski, Elena Kaplan, Rayner Perez, Havi Rojer, Zachary Solano, Ariana Gwen Wilson)

The Man Who Came To Dinner (Cast: Talia Feshbach, Eva Greenberg, Max Groner, Rebecca Kern, Eleanor Loatman, Peach Morris, Samuel Ortiz, Sofia Pollack, Jillian Roche, Havi Rojer, Mason Tepper; Designers and Crew: Gabriella Alfaro, Tal Benari, Mia Fenyak, Jo’el Ferrer, Sophia Journey, Tali Kamionkowski, Elena Kaplan, Nate Kianovsky, Rayner Perez, Havi Rojer, Ashley Romero, Clare Uppenbrink, Ariana Gwen Wilson, Zachary Solano, Virginia Tamburello)

Music Concert 1 (Performers: DanielleAmada, Felipe Baez, Nicholas Barbuzza, Heidy-Ann Belfor, Tal Benari, Mia Fenyak, Clara Fok, Arthur Furniss, Helen Jaramillo, Christian Jeter, Jacqui Jordan, Dean Jost, Isadora Kianovsky, Nate Kianovsky, Ahron Lewis, Gabriel Lincoln, Eleanor Loatman, Dahlya Martinez, Kaelyn McKinney, Madison Melendez, Georgia Morris, Saul Ortiz, Rayner Perez, Edwin Pineda, Fiona Pollack, Violet Randle, Victoria Rodriguez, Juliana Rolo, Zach Solano, Charles Spanhook, Mark Sulzman-Dowdy, LeeAndrea Tello, Virginia Tramburello, Jordan Wallace; Crew: Nisly Baez, Jordan Barron, Mia Fenyak, Tali Kamionkowski, Elena Kaplan, Zachary Solano)

Music Concert 2 (Performers: Alvin Agbenyegah, Axel Agbenyegah, Jacob Belabed, Jenna Belabed, Nigere Brown, Rebecca Daniels, Corey Davis, Mia Fenyak, Tiron Ferrer, Danny Gala, Eve Gibson, Christian Jeter, Jacqui Jordan, D’Naziah Journey, Sophia Journey, Isadora Kianovsky, Nate Kianovsky, Jason Kozarksy, Gabriel Lincoln, Eleanor Loatman, Francesca Lockenour, Raphael Lockenour, Isamar Martinez, Saul Ortiz, Gilad Perlman-Greenberg, Edwin Pineda, Fiona Pollack, Juliana Rolo, Jaiden Stovall, Juna Waugh, Isaiah Weekes, Judah Weekes, Angel Young, Charlotte Ziccardi; Crew: Nisly Baez, Jordan Barron, Mia Fenyak, Tali Kamionkowski, Elena Kaplan, Zachary Solano)

Art + Technology Show (Video: Malachi Abernathy, Linai Blackmon, Cooper Bingham, Max Cohen, Ayasiah Fraser, Sophie Gala, Max Groner, Tyler Jenkins, Kamryn Johnson, Harold Maradiaga, Isamar Martinez, Madison Melendez, Liam O’Driscoll, Edwin Pineda, Violet Randle, Allison Roll, Juliana Rolo, Azza Shabazz-Henry, Aden Van Hollander, Jordan Wallace; Recording Arts: Rebecca Daniels, Jason Kozarsky, Raphael Lockenour, Olivia Siegel)

Sports & Swim Video Feature (Malachi Abernathy, Shela Adu Mensah, Alvin Agbenyegah, Axel Agbenyegah, Christian Alfaro, Brianly Baez, Hailey Baez, Jenna Belabed, Nigera Brown, Wendy Carrillo-Muncha, Kaneeyah Coles, Ariana Corsey, Laurence Corsey, Corey Davis, Diannis De la Rosa, Mariannnis De la Rosa, Jo’el Ferrer, Clara Fok, Asyasiah Fraser, Danny Gala, Rebecca Graber, Dandre Hudson, Janaya Hudson, Nala Johnson, Tali Kamionkowski, Eunice Kong, Kendall Lockhart, Michael Martinez, James O’Driscoll, Liam O’Driscoll, Delmarie Ortiz, Saul Ortiz, Rayner Perez, Edwin Pineda, Victoria Rodriquez, Ashley Romero, Matthew Shuster, Jordan Wallace, Angel Young)

Visual Arts Show (Visual Artists: Malachi Abernathy, Alvin Agbenyegah, Axel Agbenyegah, Gabriella Alfaro, Haley Baez, James Baker, Nicolas Barbuzza, Jacob Belabed, Jenna Belabed, Cooper Bingham, Linai Blackmon, Rex Borgenicht, Sydney Borislow, Nigeria Brown, Wendy Carrillo-Muncha, Amy Chaplin-Loebell, Keon Cheeks, Kimi Coles, Ariana Corsey, Ariel Daniels, Rebecca Daniels, Dionna Dash, Amour Davis, Autumn Davis, Marriannis De la Rosa, Zamira Frost, Arthur Furniss, Ava Ganser, Eve Gibson, Carl Gombert, Max Groner, Zander Henderson, Dandre Hudson, Janaya Hudson, Nala Johnson, Dean Jost, Ben Kalb, Tali Kamionkowski, Elena Kaplan, Eunice Kong, Miri Leaderman-Bray, Madeline Lippa, Francesca Lockenour, Kendall Lockhart, Sequoia Maly, Mona Marshall, Isamar Martinez, Michael Martinez, Kaelyn McKinney, Amber Montesinos, Calvin Mustokoff, Jessica Nguyen, James O’Driscoll, Janet Ortega, Delmarie Ortiz, Saul Ortiz, Rayner Perez, Gabriella Pollack, Violet Randle, Chloe Revere, Anya Richards, Victoria Rodriguez, Ashley Romero, Chloe Scharf, Azza Shabazz-Henry, Jaiden Stovall, Mark Sulzman-Dowdy, Virginia Tamburello, LeeAndrea Tello, Mason Tepper, Jacob Tevere, Morris Thomas, Hannah Treatman, Isabella Ulfelder, Clare Uppenbrink, Junk Waugh, Chenoa Yelle, Angel Young, Charlotte Ziccardi)

Photography Show (Christian Alfaro, Samina Aziz, Nisly Baez, James Baker, Cooper Bingham, Max Cohen, Laurance Corsey, Ariel Daniels, Jo’el Ferrer, Zamira Frost, Ava Ganser, Sophie Gilbert, Carl Gombert, Julia Hall, Emma Hawkins, Leila Israel, Tyler Jenkins, Ben Kalb, Tali Kamionkowski, Rebecca Kern, Jason Kozarsky, Miri Leaderman-Bray, Ahron Lewis, Francesca Lockenour, Raphael Lockenour, Kendall Lockhart, Kaelyn McKinney, Madison Melendez, Keon Nelson, Liam O’Driscoll, Emily Orlich, Fiona Pollack, Sofia Pollack, Jillian Roche, Zachary Solano, Madeline Spanhook, Anna Stribrny, LeeAndrea Tello, Ariana Gwen Wilson, Charlotte Ziccardi )

LEGO Robotics & Design Show (Aaron Ditri, Dandre Hudson, Michael Martinez, Jaiden Stovall)

To Kill a Mockingbird (Cast: Danielle Amada, Felipe Baez, Dionna Dash, Nala Johnson, James O’Driscoll, Emily Orlich, Gabby Pollack, Chloe Tevere, Hannah Treatman, Ariana Wilson, Chenoa Yelle; Designers and Crew: Max Cohen, Aaron Ditri, Mia Fenyak, Jo’el Ferrer, Kamryn Johnson, Tali Kamionkowski, Elena Kaplan, Keon Nelson, Liam O’Driscoll, Rayner Perez, Havi Rojer, Zachary Solano, Ariana Gwen Wilson)

Dance Show (Dancers: Gabriella Alfaro, Danielle Amada, Brianly Baez, Hailey Baez, Heidy-Ann Belfor, Tal Benari, Linai Blackmon, Rex Borgenicht, Nigera Brown, Payton Buchner, Keon Cheeks, Kaneeyah Coles, Destiny David, Amour Davis, Autumn Davis, Diannis De la Rosa, Briana DiNardi, Ayasiah Fraser, Zamira Frost, Sophie Gilbert, Julia Green, Helen Jaramillo, Elena Kaplan, Kendall Lockhart, Willa Marshall, Dahlya Martinez, Georgia Morris, Delmarie Ortiz, Violet Randle, Victoria Rodriguez, Allison Roll, Azza Shabazz-Henry, Ella Spanhook, Madeline Spanhook, Anna Stribrny, Morris Thomas, Charlotte Ziccardi ; Poets: Jacob Belabed, Laurence Corsey, Tiron Ferrer, Julia Hall, Harold Maradiaga, Amber Montesinos, Sofia Pollack, Jillian Roche, Aden Van Hollander; Crew: Keon Cheeks)