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The 2nd Wave

Second Generation Appel Farmers Flooded Camp This Summer!

Campers Robert and Jonathan Bierck, Armando Chavez, Lucy Gilbertson, Izzy Manders-Lamcken, Georgia Morris, Nina Schatell, and Eli Troll are the sons and daughters of Alumni Jane Greenberg, Miguel Chavez, Hira Bluestone, Hillary Manders-Lamcken, Cristy Michaels Morris, Jane Gerver, and Nealy Troll. Campers came with to camp with great stories from the 1960, 70s, and 80s, and went home with great stories from 2014! Appel Farm has a rich history, and we are all thrilled to honor our past, continue great traditions, and look excitedly toward our future! We hope you will all join us!

Cristy Michaels Morris’ bunk photo, above with our beloved Maggie, from 1979; 2nd Generation camper photos by A.C. Jimenez

See this alumni story and more in the October 2014 issue of the Appel Core!

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