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Motivation Monday: International Day of Women and Girls in Science

This Motivation Monday, we are excited to celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science!

Girl Scout making crafts at Appel FarmThis year, the United Nations has challenged the science community to work towards inclusive green growth. Appel Farm introduces young girls to the science field by forming connections between art and the world around them.

Developing the next generation of scientists through Green Corps

In particular, Appel Farm Arts Camp’s Green Corps program encourages young girls to participate in environmental activism expressed through the arts.

Offered as a Major and Minor in camp, Green Corps campers engage in organic gardening and composting, camp conservation and ecology. This connects science with art in a way that is fun, dynamic and relevant to the changing needs of the science community.

Turn goals into action at this year’s Journey Jamboree

Get motivated to dive into science at Appel Farm’s Journey Jamboree! This two-night camp experience is designed to teach girls about science, the environment and social issues through workshops in the visual and performing arts.

For more information about these events, email us at, or call us at 856-358-2472 to ask questions, register or make payments over the phone.

We believe that experiences like Journey Jamboree and Green Corps establish a sense of curiosity for the world and create connections between nature, science, art and much more. Appel Farm is happy to be a part of creating a new generation of women in science!