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First Day of Classes and Scavenger Hunt!

Today is the first day of classes!  The campers are all trying out their majors and minors for the first time to see how they like them.  They will have three days to switch classes if they decide one is not their cup of tea. In classes today they had introductions and getting to know you games.  In theater the kids wore name tags to learn each other’s names and they played games where they were given a funny prompt that they had to pose for.  In photography they played a game where they introduced themselves and then throw a ball of yarn to a new friend, by the end of the game they were all connected by one string.  Photos from today’s classes are now up on CampInTouch.

Saucy Sam has gone missing! While traveling the world Saucy Sam has gotten himself into a bit of trouble and tonight the kids are going to help him out!  We have a Scavenger Hunt tonight to find him. The Scavenger hunt is a great way for the kiddos to bond with their bunks while really getting comfortable navigating the campus.  Photos from the Scavenger Hunt will be posted tomorrow.  

In addition to all that fun stuff, the Extravaganza photos are now up on CampInTouch!  Have a wonderful evening everyone!