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Beach Day at Appel Farm!

Hello parents! The photos from the Camper/Counselor Concert are now up on CampInTouch! The kiddos picked their favorite counselors to do a performance with. We had a number of different performances involving song, dance, comedy, and gymnastics. It was wonderful to see what the campers and counselors come up with together.

Today the storm clouds rolled over Avalon, raining out beach day. However, worry not, we are bringing Avalon to Appel Farm! We have come up with a number of activities that will make Appel Farm a little beach town! The pool will be open and there will be a slip and slide. There will be shops in our beach town so the kids can get as much sugar as they would in Avalon! We will be giving them 4 tickets instead of their $15 that they can use on pizza, donuts, candy, ice cream, and coffee. We will also be having a shaving cream war! The campers are very excited! The festivities will begin right after they wake up from rest hour. I hope you are all having a great day!

A new video is up on Vimeo! This is a video montage of the Evening Activities from the past few nights!